We visit a lot of parks. A LOT. We plan a park visit into nearly every outing, cramming a little play time in whenever we can. My kids have simple tastes when it comes to parks – as long as they have a teeter-totter or a merry-go-round, they are instantly approved. If they have both, look out!

Tamarack Park and Playground has both. It’s located at A. Blair McPherson school, at 430 Tamarack Green, just off 17 Street south of the Whitemud Freeway in the rapidly growing south east part of our city. We’ve visited the park a couple of times in the past when we’ve been in the area during non-school hours, but now that school is out for summer, it’s a free for all!

Tamarack Park and Playground

Merry go round! Photo by Jill Footz

Tamarack is a popular neighbourhood park – there are always kids pulling up on bikes, and family pushing strollers up to the play space. A natural theme runs through the equipment, with little green spruce trees adorning the tops of poles, as well as larger trees on the ground that are perfect for climbing. Two rock walls and a boulder climbing wall are inviting for the little monkeys in your life. I love the rope structures and walking ladder – fun for kids AND their grown ups!

Tamarack Park and Playground

We love the rope obstacle course. Photo by Jill Footz

The needs of growing families were clearly considered during the design process. The main play space is vast and connected with plenty of stairs, slides and monkey bar variations. The toddler park is a tiny version of the larger structure. There are tons of platforms for jumping, bars for swinging, and seats for spinning. Toddler and big kid swings, as well as a saucer swing, are all available. My kids always make a bee-line for the car (bus? truck?) – a unique play vehicle with holes for darting through, seats for jumping from and not one but two steering wheels. (my thanks for that forethought!)

Tamarack Park and Playground

Take a drive through the forest. Photo by Jill Footz

Tamarack park and playground has a small bike track just off the main play space – perfect for strider bike riders and other new riders too. It’s connected to sports fields, so bring a ball or kite to extend the fun beyond the park. While school may be out for summer, Tamarack is home to one of the City of Edmonton’s Green Shack Programs. That combined with the fact that it’s located in an up-and-coming neighbourhood full of young families means visitors should expect a busy park all season long!

Tamarack Park and Playground

Bring your bike and hit the shale trail. Photo by Jill Footz

I love the look of Tamarack park and playground. I love how it lends itself to independent play – my kids do or attempt to do nearly everything themselves. But the thing I really love is the surface – the entire base of the park is wood chips and rubber park flooring. That’s my absolute favourite – no more sandy socks! Tamarack does not offer access to a bathroom or porta potty, but it’s a quick drive to the nearby shopping district, and you probably need a coffee anyway!

Tamarack Park and Playground

Toddler playground. Photo by Jill Footz

Tamarack Park and Playground:

Where: 430 Tamarack Green, east of 17 Street, and south of the Whitemud
Website: www.livemaplecrest.com