Movies in the theatre are known for being LOUD. Depending on who you are, it can be thrilling or it can be annoying. For a person with sensory sensitivities, it can be plain overwhelming! Every few weeks, participating Cineplex theatres show a first run movie as one of their “Sensory Friendly Screenings at Cineplex.” That means the volume is a lower, and the lights are left brighter. Also friendly? The fact that every ticket is sold at the child’s rate… for adults too!

Edmonton’s participating theatre for this program is Cineplex Cinemas North Edmonton and VIP, at 14231 – 137 Avenue. Tickets will be available for purchase the Tuesday prior to the screening.

Upcoming shows:

January 11, 2020: Spies in Disguise
February 1, 2020: Dolittle

Sensory Friendly Screenings at Cineplex:

When: various Saturdays
Time: 10:30 am
Where: Cineplex Cinemas North Edmonton and VIP, 14231 – 137 Avenue, Edmonton