YEG MOMS YAK! Edmonton Parenting Adventures with Celebrity Moms!

yeg moms yak

Family Fun Edmonton is dedicated to sharing information with Edmonton and area parents about the best places to go, things to do, and fun to have – and who knows more about those things than local Moms! Moms chat, share tips and spread the word when they find something GREAT. Meet a local ‘Mom about town’ and learn more about her parenting journey, local adventures and life in the city in this new feature blog YEG MOMS YAK!

Yeg moms yak

Photo courtesy of Marie Zydek

I’m captivated by Marie Zydek’s Instagram feed. She has the ability to reach into a client’s closet and create outfit after outfit of beautifully coordinated and perfectly accessorized outfits from the clothing they already own. What’s more, she has a sixth sense for the exact cut, style and shape that will compliment not only each client’s body type but their personality too – and she does it with an appreciation for everything from haute couture to thrift store treasures. To me, it would be more than a full time job, but in addition to running Marie Zydek Styling, she is also an actor, barre and pilates instructor and a mom to her busy, beautiful, three-and-a-half year old son Miles.

Marie was kind enough to be my fourth mom featured in YEG MOMS YAK. She talks about what she, her husband and Miles like to do in and around Edmonton.

yeg moms yak

Photo courtesy of Marie Zydek

What makes this area great for raising a family?

There’s such a great sense of community in Edmonton. People are (for the most part!) very friendly here and always willing to lend a hand.  In the newly established neighborhood we live in there are a lot of young families, and we all look out for one another. Also, we have such great amenities to use for kids’ activities throughout the city, plus beautiful parks, the gorgeous River Valley, summer festivals, and more. There’s a lot to do here!

yeg moms yak

Miles at “Bee Park”, photo courtesy of Marie Zydek

What are your favourite Edmonton places to visit and things to do with your family?

We love going to the “Bee Park” in Lendrum, The Valley Zoo and Jackie Parker Spray Park in the summer and in the winter we enjoy the John Janzen Nature Center and Royal Alberta Museum. We also venture outside of Edmonton where my parents have a buffalo farm about 40 minutes away and to Pigeon Lake where we also have family.

yeg moms yak

Photo courtesy of Marie Zydek

What are Miles’ favourite Edmonton places to visit and things to do?

There are so many! Miles LOVES Sweet Pea Café – it’s the cutest little play space we’ve ever seen! We are also frequent customers at Treehouse Indoor Playground when it’s -30 outside and he needs to burn off some energy! Miles is a big fan of Terwillegar Rec Centre where we go swimming. We visit the public library at least once a week to borrow books and play. Lastly, we absolutely love the Unpack ‘N Play program put on by City West. It’s such a wonderful program and it’s free! I cannot say enough good things about it. Miles met his closest little buddies there, I became friends with their moms and we have such a great support system between all of us.

Where can our readers find or follow you? 

My website, as well as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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