The Best Places to go Sledding in Halifax

Best Places to go Sledding in Halifax

Are you looking for the best places to go sledding in HRM? Look no further! Here’s our list of the top 10 best hills, plus a fabulous map that can show you all of the recommended sledding and tobogganing hills in the greater Halifax region.

1. Citadel Hill

Citadel Hill is considered one of the top tobogganing hills in Canada. There are lots of places to sled on Citadel Hill, some with greater deceleration areas than others. The Wanderer’s Grounds, on the West side of the hill has a steep slide and a long landing area. Choose your route carefully,  and wear a helmet! After sledding, why not slide over to one of the many cafes on Spring Garden Road for a well-deserved hot chocolate?

2. The Pit

Also known as ‘Merv Sullivan Park’, this North End institution is not for the faint of heart! With a steep incline you will gather speed all the way to the bottom of this former quarry, unless you fly off your saucer first and hit one of the other daredevils you meet. Helmets advised. Crazy Carpets not recommended. This hill is crazy enough!

Rockhead Quarry North End Halifax

‘The Pit’ before it was a hill, courtesy of

3. Gorsebrook Field

This is a large, wide hill with varying inclines. Gorsebrook Hill, in the South End of Halifax, gets our “Readers Choice” Award. Every time we ask someone “where’s the best sledding in Halifax?”, they mention Gorsebrook.

4. Flinn Park

In the West End of the City, Flinn Park is a small but reliable place to go sledding.

5. The Old Ashburn Golf Course

Also in the West End, Ashburn Golf Course has long been a favourite for sledders and tobogganers in Halifax. There is a main tobogganing hill, and also an area that has a lip with a nice transition, perfect for snowboarders to pop 360’s.

6. The Mother Hill, behind Mount Saint Vincent University

The hill atop where the Mother House once stood is a great place for sledding. You can approach this hill from the back, through the subdivision, or walk uphill through the MSVU campus. A perfect combination of a long run and steady incline make the Mother Hill of the best spots in the city.

7. Oakfield

8. Fort Needham

9. Dartmouth Common

10. Brightwood

And more!….

To find a great sledding hill in your area, or to review one that you have already explored, check out this fun interactive map at





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