inesS® Circus wants your child to FLY this school season! What kid doesn’t love to dance, spin, and twist? Beginning September 12th, 2022, your child can learn how to flip through the air with inesS® Circuss Youth Aerial Circus Program. Fall registration is now open, so don’t delay.  This is a unique and exhilarating opportunity to help your child find greater confidence, coordination, and strength, and have a crazy amount of fun doing it.

Each 16-week program specializes in learning Aerial Circus Arts as well as some ground acrobatics including Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Aerial Sling and more.  Under the close supervision of experienced instructors, students will work towards developing harder and harder moves. Over time, they will become stronger and learn to confidently fly higher than they ever could have imagined.

inesS® Circus Fall lessons

Unlike most of other fitness activities, aerial fitness requires in depth focus and concentration of both the body and the mind.  Watch as your children gain physical and emotional strength, leading to improved focus in other areas of their life such as additional sporting activities and schooling.

Speaking of school, inesS® Circus understands how busy the school season can get, and that is why their classes are conveniently offered on both weekdays and weekends. Created for children ages 5-17, programs can accommodate a variety of different skill and fitness levels. Prices start at $305 + tax for 60min. classes and $380 + tax for 75min. classes. For a full list of available classes, please visit the inesS® Circus Youth Aerial Circus Program website page.
inesS® Circus Fall lessons

inesS® Circus Fall lessons:

When: Fall Term begins September 12, 2022
Where: inesS Aerial Circus and Fitness
Address: 1535 Dresden Row, Suite 203, Halifax
Phone: 902-405-5500