My sister and I are always on the lookout for new Saskatchewan adventures. We haven’t had one in a while but decided we should head out to Champetre County for a sleigh ride. We booked a time earlier in the week and headed down on Sunday to explore this wonderful place. Champetre County is located outside of St. Denis, and is about a 40 minutes drive from Saskatoon.

We arrived with lots of time and were greeted in the parking lot so we could find out where to go next. We put on our masks and went inside to pay and check-in. We soon realized that although we came for a sleigh ride, we were going to get much more.

They had fire pits outside to sit next to while waiting for our sleigh ride. We could explore the buildings and the area. They have beautiful cabins on site that people can stay in. There is a saloon with food, gorgeous and unique buildings, and of course, some animals to stop and talk to. We saw horses, a goat, and rabbits! There were also cats and a dog around.

Champetre County is family-run, and it’s obvious how much they all love what they do. They stop and answer questions, and you can tell they are full of pride for the amazing place they are running. It was a great day. My son was so excited to see everything and to be honest, so were the big kids. We all had a blast.

When the sleigh and horses arrived, they had room for four families with spaces and walls between us. We had all booked ahead. They got us seated, and came around and took photos for each family, and then we were on our way. The driver had space next to him for a couple of kids, and my son took full advantage – even though it gave his mom a few heart attacks.

The drive was picture perfect. The trees were covered with hoar frost, and the snowy trail was stunning. About halfway through the drive, we stopped so the groups could wander around and take some photos. Everybody took full advantage because the area was gorgeous, and set up perfectly for photos.


The ride ended with an option to go through a maze. My son loved the idea of the maze. It is called the Lost Carral Maze and was featured on Amazing Race Canada. It’s a big maze. It’s a huge maze. My son made us do it twice. We lost my sister twice and got lost twice. We hit a lot of dead ends, and I feared we would never find our way out. Luckily, my son had faith, and we eventually made it. If you love mazes and challenges, make sure to check this one out. The only thing that comforted me about possibly being lost forever in a maze was my son laughing and running around like crazy trying to find out where to go.

We finished up our day with more exploring, some tree climbing, and some delicious hot chocolate. The day was perfect, and it was worth the drive. I think it’s safe to say the day exceeded our expectations. We laughed, we played, and we were able to get fresh air and have a fun activity while staying safe and socially distanced at the same time.

Champetre County can be contacted with questions or to book through the website, Facebook and Instagram. The events change so you need to keep an eye on their pages for the next adventure you can have with them. The events will also change as the weather changes.

Be sure to check them out if you have a chance!

LocationChampetre County 40 Minutes out of Saskatoon.