Summertime and hockey go hand in hand if you have a child who loves the sport. The warm weather won’t stop your little hockey enthusiast. If you’ve got a kid who only wants to be on the ice, sign them up for Canlan Sports Summer Camps! Registration is open now. Your little camper will build their skill set, hone in on their technique and most of all have a blast! It’s easy to learn when the camps are all about fun.

Canlan Sports wants to get kids moving this summer. Your little ones will be working on hockey conditioning skills, and they will be learning off-ice games and skill training as well. During the week, they will be active, be safe and get to be a kid! If your child is discovering the love of ice and is still a beginner, don’t worry, there are camps for them! Canlan Sports meets kids at their skill level.

Canlan Sports Summer Camps

Canlan Sports Camps (Hockey Development Camp):

Play to Learn – From balance to coordination, campers gain the basic fundamentals to progress to the next level in their hockey development. This beginner-level camp develops basic skills to prepare participants for future, higher-level training offered by Canlan Sports.

Play to Develop – Participants will develop fundamental skills playing with the puck and completing both independent and team plays. This is the next level of Canlan Sports Camps. This camp increases participants’ development and hockey IQ.

Play to Perform – Play to Perform is the 3rd and final program in Canlan’s Play Forward Pathway once your child has mastered Play to Develop. Players will look to fully round out their game by working on shooting in stride, making tight turns with the puck, forehand and backhand passing, along with many other skills.

Summer Hockey Camps

Picking a camp will be easy. When you’re getting ready to register, choose your child’s skill level and age, and you will find the perfect camp for them. Many camps are offered with the choice of full-day or half-day options. Your kids can focus on learning the necessary skills or taking camps that let them focus on what they love and want to improve on.

The Hockey Development camp helps kids become better hockey players with hockey skills and development for all ages and levels. If your goalie is hoping to get some extra practice and prepare for the season, they can check out the Goaltender Development Camp. In the shooting camp, players will learn how to improve their scoring. If your child wants to improve their skating skills, which will improve their game, they should check out the Powerskating and Edgework Camp.

Summer Hockey Clinics

If you are interested in some Summer clinics for your hockey enthusiasts, they’ve got a lot of fun planned this summer. Kids aged 5-8 can take part in the Learn to Skate Clinic to prepare for future hockey games or to learn new skills to make life easier on the ice. If you have a child who wants to feel like the puck is glued to the stick, check out the Stickhandling Clinic. Campers that want to improve on defense can hone their expertise in the Defensive Skills Clinic. Children who want to learn more about this great sport can join Calon’s Hockey Fundamentals Clinic.

You can find the full list of amazing camps and clinics here.

If your child is just beginning to skate, don’t worry, there are camps for them! Canlan Sports meets kids at their skill level and truly moves them along with their skating skill development.

Learn to Skate – Canlan Sport’s Learn to Skate program increases your child’s comfort in wearing skates and moving across the ice. Through games and fun activities, participants will feel their confidence grow and their skills improve.

Canlan Sports Summer Camps

When: July – August 2024
Where: Canlan Sports
Address: 2301 Grasswood Rd, Corman Park No. 344 SK. S7T1C8