Our experience at Circus Funtastic was fantastic. We decided to try out a travelling circus in a small town near Saskatoon. It was in Biggar, Saskatchewan. That’s about an hour from Saskatoon and completely worth it! We got there with just enough time to get some treats and find some seats. They had some extras for the kids like bouncy castles but it was also extra money. We decided to stick just to the superhero-themed show. These performers are going from town to town doing two performances a night!

Circle Funtastic has spent the last week travelling to different towns in Saskatchewan. We caught one of the last shows. We weren’t completely sure what to expect and I can safely say, we all had a great time. I could hear the kid’s words of amazement from the seat back and I was sitting next to my own parents where I could hear their laughter and awe as well.

Photo by Erin McCrea.

They had all the acrobats dressed like superheroes. There were trampoline acts, sword balancing acts, transformers and more! We were truly impressed by the acrobats. They came out more than once and each time impressed us and at times made us laugh.

Heroes on Trampolines. Photo by Erin McCrea.

Of course, it was a circus so they did have a couple of clowns. They made us laugh and did some audience participation. (Luckily, I wasn’t picked but my son would have loved it.) I, at times, have a fear of clowns being overly scary (as I’m sure many others also feel) but these clowns were good. They were there to give us giggles, not nightmares.

The little superheroes and the big ones. Photo by Erin McCrea.

My little superhero and his superhero friend had a great experience at Circus Funtastic. They loved the show and talked about it most of the ride home. We will definitely catch another show when the Circus Funtastic comes to town the next time.

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