My son and I used to do a lot of crafts. We’ve slowed down since school started but I always try to do a few Halloween Crafts. Last year, we managed to do quite a few fun ones leading up to Halloween. These are some of the 2020 and 2021 crafts we’ve worked on. Sometimes we see photos of crafts and create from there. We make our own rules for the most part. We also usually use only the craft items we have. (Luckily we have splurged at Dollarama a few times!) Doing crafts with my son can be both fun and stressful. I never know what part he will enjoy or how much help I will get from him.

Halloween Crafts 2020 and 2021

Halloween Crafts

Spider Hat – Photo by Erin McCrea

This was one I thought he’d really like. He loves costumes and all things spiders. It was pretty easy to make. We used construction paper, googly eyes and some crafting pom-poms. (I don’t actually know what those poms are called. I’ll refer to them as poms here). We also used scissors and a glue gun. We have scissors for my son to use but I usually handle the cutting. The glue gun is made to not get hot so my son can help me with it. We use glue sticks as well but I know the glue guns will work! My kiddo had the most fun folding the spider legs for this one. This one is also good for numbers because my son can count to make sure we have eight legs. It was a fun one and the hat has lasted for more than a year. By next year it won’t fit anymore but he’s definitely had some fun with it – and he can always get the dog to wear it.

Toilet Paper Roll Spiders – Photo by Erin McCrea

We made some little spiders. If I were being completely honest, I would tell you that I did NOT enjoy this craft. My son wasn’t very interested either. Maybe somebody else will enjoy it though! We are able to use them as Halloween decorations now. For our spiders, we used toilet paper rolls, black paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue, tape, and scissors. I think the part I disliked the most was sticking the pipe cleaners into the toilet paper roll. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t something my son could really help with – or it was something he didn’t want to help with. My son helped paint and loved putting the eyes on.

Halloween Crafts

Monster Crafts – Photo by Erin McCrea



These ones were our favourites, and to be honest, I think it was because we started with no plan. I asked him what he wanted to make and he told me. We used coloured craft sticks, craft tape, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, poms, and bells. As always, we also used a glue gun and scissors. I let him decide what to do from there. It was a lot of fun and he really enjoyed playing with them. These can also be used for any craft time – not just Halloween.

Halloween Crafts

Crazy Haired Stick Monsters. Photo by Erin McCrea

This one was basically the same as our last one but with some fun hair made of feathers! We thought they were more cute than scary.

Ghost – Photo by Erin McCrea

This one was easy and stress-free. We cut a ghost shape out of construction paper and then added cotton balls. Of course, we added googly eyes and a construction paper mouth.

Frankenstein Craft – Photo by Erin McCrea

Some crafts take more work than I expect but I love the outcome. We used coloured craft sticks, a black marker, and googly eyes. My son helped with most of it and he loved putting it out again this year.

My Crafting Boy – Photo by Erin McCrea

My son and I have not done as many crafts this year but yesterday we finally tried our first of the spooky season. We decided to build a witch from his hand. We used different coloured felt, googly eyes, craft tape, a pipe cleaner, a black marker, a glue gun, and scissors. We cut the body out in the shape of his hand and worked from there. We even made an adorable broom for the witch to ride.

Halloween Craft

Hand Witch – photo by Erin McCrea

We loved the finished product. He couldn’t wait to take it upstairs to show his dad. It’s now sitting in our Halloween section with Frankenstein.

Painted Pumpkins – Photo by Erin McCrea

Painted Pumpkins – Photo by Erin McCrea

The pumpkins turned into crafts. We decided to try painting them last year and we got creative. We love picking pumpkins every year and we always have fun deciding how to decorate them. Maybe next year, we will get back to carving them.

We wish you all a very Happy Halloween and hope you have a great time doing some Halloween Crafts! As always, if you’re interested in some amazingly spooky Halloween Events, make sure to check out Your Family-Friendly Events Guide to Halloween in Saskatoon – 2021 Edition!