We stopped for a visit at LaLa’s Little Farm over the weekend. I wanted to do one extra thing for my son’s birthday that I knew would bring a smile to his face. I booked a visit a couple of weeks ago, and could barely hold in my excitement! A little something about me: if it includes holding baby farm animals, I am in. I was just as excited to see my little one holding the animals. We had been there once before for my son’s 2nd birthday party. This time we just went to experience the tour. My boy was not disappointed, and neither was the friend he brought.

LaLa's Little Farm Visit

We were greeted by LaLa, a puppy and a cat. Honestly, that’s all the kiddos needed. She had a little play area set up for the kids before we started the self-guided tour. This is to ensure social distancing between the families. It was a hit, but they were having more fun with the cat. (Two cat-loving kids that don’t have their own cats!)

They made sure to learn the rules before we went in. My son does have a tendency to chase animals (with love) so we made sure to repeat that one for him. We were finally ready to meet some farm animals.

In the first area, we were greeted by ducks, goats, and a rabbit. The kids could pet them through the gate and feed them. The goats and rabbit were all too happy to eat out of the little ones’ hands. This area also had a sandbox and farm toys. My son grabbed onto a tractor and wouldn’t let go. It was a toss-up which he enjoyed more – the toys or the animals. LaLa came and told us a little bit about each animal, and showed us some tiny baby bunnies that weren’t ready to be held yet. When it was time to move on to the next area, my son was not yet ready to go.

LaLa's Little Farm Visit

The kids were not super interested in the calf, but I fell in love! They were more interested in the smaller animals. I could have sat with my new little friend all day long.

LaLa’s Little Farm has so many other animals to discover and pet. We had fun looking at them all. She also has another play area for the kids. She has a tree fort with a slide and an area underneath with lots of toys my son loved. He lost interest in the animals because of all the amazing toys.

Both of the little ones had the same favourite animal. I was not surprised:

They both loved the baby kitties. They could have spent all day looking at them, holding them, and petting them.

As for this Mom’s favourite animals:

These guys stole my heart.

I could talk forever about the adorable little animals and my son could talk forever about some of the animals and all of the toys. It was a win for all of us. We booked an hour-long visit and it was more than enough time for us. That being said, my son did throw a temper tantrum about leaving so perhaps he would have liked to stay forever.

After some hand washing, we followed up our visit with some farm-themed cookies (animals and tractors) from BitterSweet Bake Co. It was the perfect treat for the drive home (and a good bribe to get my son into the car.)

LaLa’s Little Farm Visit

Location: Past the Berry Barn on Valley Road, left on RR3071 Third Farm on the right
Hours:  By appointment