January is a LONG month and the season feels a bit more exhausting. However, winter at Wander’s tiny farm will help you fall back in love with the snow again. The magic of this farm will bring a smile to everyone’s faces and have some much-needed family fun. The last time we were at Wander’s Tiny Farm was on a rainy fall day. They’ve made a lot of changes since the last time we were there and our winter visit was just what we needed. We loved it and my son could have spent all day with the rabbits but this time he fell in love with something else.

Wander’s Tiny PupsAs we were walking up, we heard the puppies. My son said right away he thought there were puppies waiting to meet him and he was right. After we got into the shop and spoke to Wander, we headed to the puppies first. This boy COULD NOT wait to pet them and feed them a bone. He made instant friends and I was pretty sure our visit would stop with the adorable puppies. He didn’t want to leave them – even with the mention of tubing down a snow hill, roasting a marshmallow, playing games and more.

Games Room/Rink

We said goodbye to the puppies (with a promise that we’d come back before we left) and headed for the games room. They have all sorts of fun games to play. They also have…

Winter at Wander's Tiny Farm

Skating time!

… A beautiful rink! It’s the perfect spot for your kids to get on the ice. Did you forget your skates? It’s fine! Wander’s Tiny Farm has extra skates for you to try. They have skates and helmets AND sledding helmets. We didn’t try out the rink this time but it’s on the list for our next visit. We played a few games before heading to our next destination. (The adventures are endless!)


As my son headed down the hill the first time, he could be heard saying, “THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!” For a bad idea, he went down the hill about five more times. Because we went to the farm on a quiet day, I got to go down a few times myself. We both had a great time and it was definitely not a bad idea. We laughed and had a blast on the hill.

Warm Up Time

The Roasting Bin is a place to warm up, collect skates/helmets and for roasting marshmallows. It was just what we needed for a warm-up before going back out to explore.

The Roasting Bin

I’d say this was our favourite section but ALL the sections turned out to be our favourite.

The Not-So-Tiny Bear

We’ve seen photos of this bear from other visitors. We stopped for a very quick photo before my son saw where he wanted to go next.

Sand and Snow!

We stopped to go in the big combine and then headed straight for my son’s version of heaven. Sand in a bin with snow on the outside? This was his favourite spot. He played for as long as he could before we headed back out to say hello to the bunnies and goodbye to the puppies. We spent about two hours exploring, playing and laughing at Wander’s Tiny Farm and the cold did not bother us! It was the perfect day for a visit and we can’t wait until our next visit.

Wander’s Tiny Farm

Days Open: Open Saturday and Sunday in the winter

Make sure to check the Facebook page to see updates on the farm, including unexpected closures.