Our goal is to spend 1000 hours outside. My son and I love going outside. We love finding great places for him to run off his energy. We hang out in the backyard or find outdoor adventures. We go outside in winter as well, but summer is when we spend as much time outside as we can. We search for hiking trails, playgrounds, and splash parks. The great outdoors is truly a wonderful mood booster. If we’re grumpy, we go outside. If we are bored, we go outside.

I have recently discovered the challenge 1000 Hours Outside and have started keeping track of our hours. I’m not worried about keeping exact track, but it is something to keep us motivated. I don’t know how long it will take to get to 1000 hours. Quite a while, I imagine. It’s not made to make you feel bad about any screen time your kids get, but more to help balance out the time they spend indoors with outdoor time. My son definitely gets less screentime in Fall, Summer and Spring. This year, I hope for my son and me to do some learning activities outside as well. The website also has tracker sheets. They have lots of fun ones to choose from. I picked an easy one to fill in. We plan to celebrate every 100 hours!


We’ve got lots of ideas on the website for outside activities in winter and summer.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: The river is always a beautiful sight

Every year, I make a list of new places to explore, but I really like going back to some of our favourites as well.

1000 hours outside sounds a bit unattainable, but to me, that’s kind of the point. It’s a goal that I can continue reaching for. I can celebrate milestones, and the day my son and I hit 1000 hours, will be a great day. Once I hit it, I guess we can try to hit another thousand hours. We can do everything from going to new places to having a picnic outside. My son can find adventure in most moments, and usually, as long as it is outside, it will keep us happy. When I look back at his childhood, I know I’ll be grateful for this challenge because it will keep us motivated to search for outside excitement! I’m aiming for at least an hour a day, but some days we spend all day outside.

This summer, we are going to be trying as much as we can outside. We’re currently making my son a mud kitchen, but honestly, he’s happy with a sword fight using sticks. I’ll continue to update you on our adventures in hopes to discover and give new ideas. Whether or not you keep track of your hours, being outside is always a good thing!

1000 hours outside

1000 Hours Outside

Where: Anywhere outside
When: This is an ongoing challenge
Facebook Community:  https://www.facebook.com/1000hoursoutside