The last time I wrote about my 1000 hours outside, was in April of 2021. It is definitely time for an updated article. My son and I completed 1000 hours. We didn’t do it in a year though. After a year, we had hours left so we kept going until we made it. We were done in the summer of 2022. We aren’t done though. We started again in September of 2022. We will continue to strive to get as many hours as we can. My son and I love going outside. This just gives us an excuse to find more adventures outdoors.

The leaves are our favourite place to be. Photo by Erin McCrea.

About 1000 Hours Outside

It was awesome to discover the challenge 1000 Hours Outside and it has motivated us to track our hours. It’s not made to make you feel bad about any screen time your kids get, but more to help balance out the time they spend indoors with outdoor time. My son definitely gets less screen time in Fall, Summer and Spring. This year, I hope for my son and me to do some learning activities outside as well. The website also has tracker sheets. They have lots of fun ones to choose from. There is a 1000 Hours Outside Facebook page that helps you connect with others and learn new ways to enjoy the outdoors. We have downloaded the app to keep track of our hours this year and it works very well. Ginny Yurich is the founder of 1000 Hours Outside. Her website is a resource to give ideas and encourage people who want to get outside more. 1000 Hours Outside has guidelines but you can follow them in the way that suits your family.

Exploring Nature. Photo by Erin McCrea.

Things We Have Done Outside

We search for hiking trails, playgrounds, Cross-Country Ski trailsAmazing Public Rinks and more. We try to update the lists on our website so everybody can enjoy the outdoor experiences.

Visit to Drumheller.

What Have We Learned from 1000 Hours Outside?

The great outdoors is truly a wonderful mood booster. If we’re grumpy, we go outside. If we are bored, we go outside. We might not make 1000 hours outside but that’s okay. Every moment spent outside is something I’m grateful for. There is always something to learn and discover as we wander the world. Every year, I make a list of new places to explore, but I really like going back to some of our favourites as well.

1000 hours outside sounds a bit unattainable, but to me, that’s kind of the point. It’s a goal that I can continue reaching for. I can celebrate milestones. When we finish, we can start again. We can do everything from going to new places to having a picnic outside. My son can find adventure in most moments, and usually, as long as it is outside, it will keep us happy. When I look back at his childhood, I know I’ll be grateful for this challenge because it will keep us motivated to search for outside excitement! I’m aiming for at least an hour a day, but some days we spend all day outside.

1000 Hours Outside

Where: Anywhere outside
When: This is an ongoing challenge
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