Como Lake PlaygroundIn June 2016, the new playground at Como Lake Park, in Coquitlam, opened. What an improvement over the playground that proceeded it! The playground offers something for every child. If your child is a climber, a day dreamer, a lover of swings, or musically inclined the Como Lake playground will entertain them for hours.

Let’s start off with a big thank you to whichever brilliant mind decided to put a fence around the playground. As the playground is located between a road and a lake, many parents will sprout fewer grey hairs thanks to that fence. Even if your child isn’t a runner, there is great peace of mind knowing your little one can’t escape without your noticing.

Como Lake PlaygroundThe part of the playground I was most impressed with were the design elements encouraging imagination. Almost every playground offers up swings, slides and climbing structures. Those are great and a necessary part of outside play for kids. However, imaginative play is equally important. Through the strategic placement of rocks, whimsical sea creatures embedded into the ground, and a truly charming fishing hut & row boat, kids will spend hours creating stories and scenarios.

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The ground is covered by wood chips. While it makes for a soft landing, it does making walking a bit harder for those just learning the skill.

Como Lake PlaygroundThere are 2 climbing structures. One intended for younger children and the other, with higher and more complex climbing components, is intended for the older kids. My 5 year old had a great time on both structures. There is also a musical instrument station. Fortunately the bells don’t make too much noise; here’s hoping the people who live across the street are incredibly tolerant individuals.

When driving to Como Lake, drive past the first entrance and head towards the main parking lot. You can’t miss the playground, it is right along the road and is a wonderfully bright green. You can either park in the main parking lot, or there is street parking right in front of the playground as well. Como Lake Park offers a wonderful walking path, fishing opportunities, and (most important to parents) washrooms.

Como Lake Playground

Como Lake Playground:

Address: 700 Gatensbury Street, Coquitlam