Have you been to Bear Creek Park in Surrey?  As a child, I spent many weeks there every year for the Surrey Dance Festival.  Rediscovering the park with my children has been wonderful.  None to surprisingly, the park has changed drastically in the past 20 years.

Upon arrival you are greeted by 2 huge playgrounds and a massive water park.  The playgrounds are clearly geared towards two distinct age groups.  While our 4 year old is starting to show interest in the “big kid” playground, there is still much to keep him entertained at the “little kid” playground.

Across the pathway from the two playgrounds is a large water park.   There are a number of zones in the water park which enable various groups of kids to play together.  There is water falling from above, shooting from turning sprayers and sprouting from the ground.  Loads of fun, but don’t forget to bring both a towel and a change of clothes.

Bear Creek TrainDown the pathway is the Bear Creek Station.  Here you can hop aboard either Eddie the Engine or Chuff the Steam Engine.  While we have yet to ride Chuff, we have enjoyed many rides on Eddie.  The train ride is no more than 10 minutes in length but winds through the woods and there are woodland creatures hidden in the trees waiting to be found.  The Bear Creek Station is under new management and is much improved.  A big clean up has been done and everything appears to be in much better repair.  The Bear Creek Train is definitely worth checking out on Halloween, Christmas and Easter.  The entire train experience is themed and there are extra kid activities offered during those holiday times.

Bear Creek Mini GolfIn the middle of the train route is an 18-hole mini-golf course.  Playing mini-golf is an experience with a two-year old.  We were only allowed to hit our ball once and then he would drop the ball in the hole for us.  I’ve never had such a great golf score!  Ironically, it was the two-year old who scored a hole-in-one on the 18th hole which earned him a future FREE round of golf.

I will be honest, neither the train nor the mini-golf are cheap.  The train ride cost us $17 and the round of golf cost $21 (and we didn’t have to pay for the 2 year old).  However, it is only the train and the mini-golf that have fees attached; everything else at the park is free to the public.  Also, make sure to check their website for opening hours.  They are closed for the months of November and January each year.

In addition to these attractions, Bear Creek Park has spectacular gardens which are really worth wandering through.  There are many foot bridges and water features to keep the kids entertained.  There is also a big track and sports games always seem to be playing in the centre field.  Across the parking lot is the Surrey Arts Centre and the Surrey Art Gallery.

Bear Creek Park truly has something for everyone.  You won’t be disappointed you made the trip.