How will your child spend their time this summer? Most parents want their kids to play and have fun during the holidays, but they don’t want to see their kids completely check out academically. Luckily, Science BC has online summer programs to provide kids with quality education, while providing fun and engaging activities!

Summer slide is a real thing but the summer program from Science BC is designed to equip your child with just the right knowledge and skills that will set them up for success in the fall. But that doesn’t mean your child will have to sit through lectures, dry textbooks, and old-school boring worksheets. Instead, they’ll enjoy an active environment where they engage in virtual labs, simulations, online games, group activities, online tutorials, projects, and fun activities! The benefits of registering your child in Science BC Summer Programs are endless! Not only will your child receive personalized learning on a flexible schedule that can be done even on vacation, but the course content learned will help your child feel more prepared, confident, and less stressed as they transition into the upcoming school year. By solidifying knowledge from the previous year, your child will find their next science course is a breeze and have more time to participate in extracurriculars.

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Science BC delivers a comprehensive curriculum in biology, chemistry, life science, and earth science to the comfort of your home. The teachers are BC-certified and the learning outcomes align with the BC curriculum. This active and engaging online learning environment helps students build a solid foundation in science, promoting curiosity and critical thinking while making learning fun and enjoyable. With small class sizes, the teachers meet a variety of learning levels and styles and put learning technology to the best use. It’s a hassle-free, trustworthy education solution, with all learning resources provided. There is no transportation, no hidden fees, and no extra supplies. Students will even experience virtual labs and virtual museum trips during and after classes for a robust summer education.

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The Science BC summer programs bring a variety of learning opportunities to meet the diverse learning needs of students. They offer ‘cycles’ and when you register for one or more cycles, you are eligible for a special discount.  Grades 5, 6, and 7 can access two cycles for the summer program over 3 weeks with a total of 9 lessons included.  Grades 8 – 9 have one 5-week cycle that includes 10 lessons. Fees include unlimited access to the teacher and all resources, plus a learning report at the end of each cycle. You can find dates and times specific to your grade here.

Science BC Summer Camps 1200x1000Plan some productive screentime this summer and help set your child up for a rich learning experience. Science BC will help instill a love of learning that will spill over into your student’s whole life. Class sizes are limited, so register today!

Science BC Summer Programs:

When: July and August 2024
Time: Times vary by grade

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