Today we elected to head to Surrey for our Saturday morning adventure.  We started at the Cloverdale Spring Fair.  Nestled inside the Shannon Building were numerous vendors many of whom had products related to children.  (If you have been to the Cloverdale flea market, the Shannon building is the larger of the two buildings on the site).  We added a Barefoot Book to our growing library and our boys had fun with the clown who made their tummies magically squeak.  The boys still can’t figure that one out!

Honeybee CentreJust down the road from the Spring Fair is the Honeybee Centre.  What fun!  We arrived just as an educational session was about to commence (they run on the hour weekends and stat holidays).  Our boys learned about bees, how flowers are pollenated, which animals are involved in pollination, which 3 types of bees live in a honeybee hive, and loads more fascinating details.  I’m always thrilled when I learn accurate answers to every day occurrences.  Yes, I can google, but hands-on learning is my preferred method and we got that in spades at the Honeybee Centre.  We also had a good laugh when we played dress-up with the beekeeper outfits.

Bee keeper outfitsAfter the honeybee-intensive, we headed down to the Bug Lab.  I’ll be honest, if you have a fear of spiders be warned.  I’m petrified of them and was quite proud of the 10 minutes I lasted in the Bug Lab.  The Honeybee Centre gave our boys clipboards and a bug-finding sheet.  The kids had a blast peering into the aquariums looking for the various critters and checking off their lists.

Honey-BearAt the end of our exploratory session, we all received a honey stick.  For $5 per person (kids under 3 are FREE), the Honeybee Centre is one heck of a deal!  Numerous educational stations, onsite bee experts, books, worksheets, puppets, and honey sticks, as well as the invitation to stay as long as we wanted…the Honeybee Centre is definitely a place worth visiting many times.