Twilight Drive In Movie TheatreLast night our family experienced a bit of normalcy. Our crew is 100% on board with all of the social distancing recommendations and are doing our best to help flatten the curve of this virus. But as everyone knows the adjustments are tough and the stress is high. Last night we found a temporary reprieve, got to hang with very good friends, all while being socially responsible.

Langley’s Twilight Drive In Movie Theatre is THE answer to family entertainment right now. Enjoy a first-run movie, on the big screen, from the safety of your car. We went with friends. In order to ensure we could park together, we arrived earlier than necessary to line up. Once parked, we opened the windows, kept our 2m social distance, and chatted through open windows. There was some inevitable chaos as four adults and five kids tried to have simultaneous conversations, but that type of chaos felt normal. Noisy kids. Chatting adults. Bonding. It was utterly wonderful.

Twilight Drive In Movie TheatreTips for Making Your Drive In Movie Theatre Experience Successful:

  • if you are seeing a movie with a friend, arrive early. We arrived at 6:30 for a 7:30 movie start
  • wear comfy clothes: no one is going to see you, and your are sitting in your car. Our kids were showered and dumped in pjs before we even left the house.
  • bring blankets: you will need to crack the windows of your car for air circulation. Being able to snuggle under blankets meant avoiding steamed up windows.
  • go to the bathroom before you leave home, and try to avoid guzzling drinks in the car. We had zero interest in going into a public washroom thanks to our current pandemic reality.
  • Thursday nights are Carload Thursday. $30 for a carload of 5 people and you can see both movies.
  • Payment options are either cash or debit. And, yes, they have tap so you don’t need to touch anything!

Twilight Drive In Movie Theatre is now running every night. Each night they play two movies. There is an intermission in between the movies for bathroom breaks and for those, who aren’t staying for two movies, to leave. There are two nights were prices are discounted: Tuesdays offers general admission at $10 per person, rather than $14. And Carload Thursdays are just $30 for 5 people all in the same car.

Twilight Drive In Movie Theatre:

Address: 260th Street & Fraser Highway, Langley
Phone: 604-856-5063

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