Bring a little calm into your life with summer camps at Üphoria Yoga. Summer days are long and hot, and while our kids might think they want high-every, jam-packed days, the benefits of incorporating yoga and mindfulness into their daily routine are endless.

What better way to ensure your child has a fun, balanced, and movement-based summer than with summer camps at Üphoria Yoga? Since 2019, Üphoria Yoga has been teaching children, teens, and adults how to incorporate yoga into their daily lives and use the poses, meditation and lifestyle principles to improve health, wellness, and connection between one another in the community. Üphoria Yoga is not just about learning yoga techniques, it is also about teamwork, trust, breathwork, building confidence and playful exploration of movement with others. With a beautiful studio incorporating elements of nature, natural light, and a calming aesthetic, Üphoria Yoga knows what it takes to bring families together. They also know how to have fun with a variety of sensory materials and fun lighting that bring a sense of playfulness and creative expression into everything they do.

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Summer Camps at Üphoria Yoga are available for ages 3-12, and are grouped by age to ensure each child receives personalized instruction. Ages 3-5 will enjoy a half-day of sensory exploration, games, yoga poses, mindful crafts, child-friendly breathwork, and expressive movement. Families can choose whether morning sessions or afternoon sessions work best for you and your child. Children ages 5-8 have the option of choosing a half-day camp (morning or afternoon), or staying for a full day of fun. Both new and experienced yogis will engage in yoga activities such as learning new poses, breathwork, expressive movement, and relaxation. Outdoor time, crafts, music, and games will round out a day full of connection and fun. Similarly, children ages 9-12 can choose from half-day (morning/afternoon) or full-day summer camps at Üphoria Yoga. Instructors will lead campers through yoga poses, movement, and breathwork, and also focus on team-building activities, motor skills, activities that build and foster self-esteem and confidence, and playful time with games and music.

Don’t nama-stay at home this summer, register here for bright days filled with connection, mindfulness, and play.

Üphoria Yoga Summer Camps:

When: July 2-August 30, 2024
Time: 9am-11:30am/1pm-3:30pm (ages 3-5) | 9am-12pm/1pm-4pm (ages 5-12  half days) | 9am-4pm (ages 5-12 full days)
Location: Uphoria Yoga Academy
Address: 88 East Broadway, Vancouver

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