July 2008

Yesterday my son and I sent out to check out the new corn maze just south of Calgary. It was amazing!

The Calgary Corn Maze is Calgary’s first maze! The maze takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 75 minutes depending if you take the leisure maze or the adventure maze and how quickly you go! There are a few cheat sheets with markers to help guide you along the way.




In addition to the maze, there is a play area set up for kids with bales of hay to slide down, go-carts, mini mazes and a petting zoo.

The petting zoo animals are very tame and the sheep actually nuzzle you to pet them! We were lucky enough to see brand new kittens.


Just a word of caution though..there was crop of canola growing among the corn and the bees are pollinating it so if you are petrified of bees or have an allergy you may want to take extra precautions when visiting the maze or wait until the weather is cooler and they have buzzed off (smile).




September 8, 2008