Heading back to school means kids are heading back to routine and schedule. And September is also a great time to add some lessons that are just for fun and passion! Music is a huge part of our lives and a musical education adds richness to the everyday routine. Of course, music lessons also help our kids with discipline, learning, and self-esteem. Asylum for Art has fall lessons for children of all ages, offering a rewarding musical education.

You might know it as a live music or event venue, but Asylum for Art is more than that. Asylum for Art describes itself as a “non-institutional place of refuge for those drawn to music and artful living.” They host live performances and events designed to delight families, but they also offer music lessons for people of all ages. Asylum for Art Academy has been bringing quality musical education to kids across Canada for over 30 years. Their goal is to give you a high-end music lesson in a fun atmosphere, with dedicated and experienced teachers, whether you choose group classes, clinics, or 1-on-1 lessons.

If your child is interested in music, there is a wide variety of fall lessons and classes. Check out a sample of what the Asylum for Art is offering for fall lessons!

Early Childhood Education

Have you ever met a young child who isn’t drawn to music? Asylum for Art loves being a part of a child’s first musical experience, first with parented classes and then independently, with a musical education that inspires singing, listening, and moving. With time for exploration and wonder, these classes develop a greater understanding and passion for music. Take a look at classes like Wigglers and Wobblers to attend with your baby, created as a special weekly time to learn songs and rhymes for clapping, swinging, and tickling their little nose and toes. Curious Movers Music Time is a parented class for toddlers and preschoolers, and the Preschooler Music Class and Kinders are both independent.

Children’s Classes

There are all kinds of ways to embrace a musical education. This fall, Asylum for Art is offering Theatre for Imagination for children ages 5 – 12 years. This program lets the kids indulge their natural inclination to imagine themselves inside their favourite story. They will develop their singing voice, confidence, and physical coordination, focusing on the basics of introducing movement to a song, the concept of adopting a character, and giving them a chance to interact with a peer for a scene. The class will be divided between singing, acting, and choreography, with a performance to cap the semester. There’s also an Introductory to Music for kids ages 7 – 10, for the perfect musical start.

Asylum for Art Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Youth Classes

Help your pre-teen and teen pursue their interest in music with youth classes from Asylum for Art. This is the age when kids really start excelling in their passions but can easily start something new, too! Check out Campfire Guitar Bootcamp 101 for Youth. It’s for kids ages 9 – 15 years and whether they are beginners or experienced, they’ll have fun with the opportunity to play and sing a variety of songs. The songs are written out in an easy-to-understand format and variations are included to expand their technique. Class size is kept small so students receive personalized instruction and the setlist is chosen primarily by the students.

Of course, there are also other Guitar Lessons available and 1-on-1 Lessons in strings, piano and voice, for the best way to focus on a specific topic and completely tailor your learning. And Mom and Dad can take advantage of music lessons, too, as there are many adult classes!

Asylum for Art Spring Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

With so many options, the Asylum for Art Academy is ready to guide your musical journey and help you reap the many benefits of music this fall. Register soon!

Asylum for Art Fall Lessons:

When: September 2023 to January 2024
Asylum for Art — The Academy
Address: 2505 14 St SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-969-7257
Website: www.asylumforart.ca