Don’t you just love birthday parties? All the planning, the over-excited kids, and trying to organize rides and pickups to that cool birthday party venue? Ok, it can be fun, but it’s a lot of work, too. We have a better idea! When you book a Mobile Escape birthday party, that cool birthday party comes to you! Pick a date and an escape room (two, actually!) shows up on your driveway, ready to give your birthday kid a terrific experience with their friends.

Mobile Escape is an exciting company in Calgary that creates entertainment for a wide variety of people. They specialize in puzzles, games, and problem-solving. During the school year, you might see them at a local school, working with school kids to create an escape room of their own. In the summer, they host summer camps that keep minds sharp and active. They also run a fun program called Escape Mail, a subscription where participants receive part of a puzzling story monthly.

Mobile Escape Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)

Birthday Parties

But we all know birthday parties are one of the most exciting days of the year for kids! Mobile Escape boasts two Mobile Units and each has two escape rooms. Will you be able to escape the Tomb of the Pharaoh or the Sunken Submarine? Or you can try to escape the Runaway Train or The Portal.

When you book a Mobile Escape birthday party, your young partygoers will have a chance to do both rooms in the unit. Depending on how long the booking is and how many participants are playing, it takes 15 to 30 minutes to escape each room. Two rooms can run at once, with 6 in each room, to accommodate a party of 12 simultaneously. (You can have more participants if they’re taking turns.) Time also depends on the difficulty level of each room, which can be adapted to make an appropriate challenge for everyone from age 6 to escape room experts. And the Mobile And the Mobile Escape units are climate-controlled, so you can book a birthday party and be comfortable any time of the year!

Mobile Escape Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)

Nothing makes a birthday party a success like an exciting event that’s easy on Mom and Dad, too! Book your Mobile Escape birthday party today and blow out the candles on another great year.

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Mobile Escape (Family Fun Calgary)