Do you or your kids love to ride bikes? Bike riding is an incredibly popular past-time in Calgary, as we have so many beautiful trails and parks to discover. And now you can visit B-LINE Indoor Bike Park!

B-LINE Bike Park is an indoor, drop-in, instructional, biking facility. There are pump tracks, jump lines, a street section, mountain bike skills area, foam pit and more! Bring your own bike or rent one of theirs. There will be everything from a beginner section to expert jump lines, with lots of terrain in between. Whether it’s raining or snowing, you can still stay active (and have loads of fun!) at this 60 000 square-foot bike park. Kids will love the ramps and the new challenges, and they can keep active and on their bikes all year long!

B-Line Indoor Bike Park (Family Fun Calgary)

B-LINE Indoor Bike Park Details:

Address: 401 33rd Street NE, Calgary, AB
Phone:  403-764-7433