Calgary Weekend Cold COVID (Family Fun Calgary)

This weekend in Calgary brings us Pi Day and (almost) St. Patrick’s Day! But it also brings us COVID-19 fears, social distancing, no toilet paper, and the prediction that the worst storm of the winter is about to hit Calgary.

I’m so thrilled.

*sarcasm font*

And I feel the need to watch this video over and over – it also applies to spring, apparently.

But we’re Calgarians, right? I’m pretty sure there’s a study out there somewhere citing what hardy, resilient people we are. And as parents, you automatically get double credit because of all the things you have to do for which your college education never prepared you. (Get OFF the neighbour’s roof!!)

With all the crazy in this city and country right now, let’s stop and celebrate Pi Day! Why? Well, I’m firmly in the “Why not?” camp.

This Saturday is Pi Day, so named because it is the third month and the fourteenth day: 3.14. That is all I know of pi, right there, so my 13-year-old son has me beat by a lot. Don’t take math advice from me, but keep reading for ways to survive the weekend.

1. Eat Pie

Too obvious? That’s okay! Chicken pot pie and warm apple pie will be just the thing this Saturday night.

2. Eat Pi-food

Maybe you don’t bake, have the right ingredients, or want to head out in the snow to the grocery store. I understand on all counts. Do you have any pi-food in your house? Pi-ckles, Pi-ta, Pi-neapple, Pi-stachios, Pi-zza, or um, Pi-ancakes? It’s time to be creative!

3. Memorize Pi Numbers

JOKING! I would never do this, although I know people who would, so whatever floats your boat. Alternatively, March 14 is also Albert Einstein’s birthday, so bake him a birthday cake! Or, you know, learn something about him.

4. PI-nic

Go on a picnic – in the house, obviously, I’m not that hardy. Spread a blanket on the floor, set up TV trays in the basement, or wherever your kids love to eat but are never allowed.*

*Halfway through, you’ll remember why the kids are never allowed to eat there. But they’ll remember how much fun it was. I hope.

5. Snow Day Activities

Maybe it’s time to get the chores done or maybe it’s time to play! There are tons of snow day activities you can do: puzzles, games, crafts, or reading aloud. Build a fort and read aloud in your fort, with snacks! Have a LEGO competition, build a train set or set up the dollhouse. Find some boxes and go crazy with imagination! Create a spy game with string “lasers.” My plan might be to sign up for Disney Plus and have a movie marathon. Whatever works.

6. Outdoor Fun

If you really are a hardy Calgarian – you don’t just talk about it like I do – all this snow will make for some winter fun! See great snowshoeing and cross-country skiing ideas here and tobogganing ideas here.

7. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

I keep hearing how the city is running out of toilet paper. Well, all that toilet paper has to be somewhere! See our Vancouver Editor’s article 30+ Toilet Paper Roll Crafts. You might want to bookmark this article or send it to all your friends who stocked up.

8. Wash Your Hands

Really, what else is there to say right now?

Check out this link to personalize your own handwashing poster:

Well, Calgary, stay warm and stay healthy this weekend! And keep enjoying your family time — even in the face of coronavirus and what might be a little too much family time. Air hugs to everyone . . . because, you know, with social distancing and all.

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