All parents hope the back-to-school season goes smoothly, with happy kids saying cheerful goodbyes, friends always getting along, and positive meet-the-teacher sessions. But we all know there’s usually a little drama mixed into everyday life! Parents are always helping their kids navigate new situations and big emotions. This year, add positive and intentional drama to your back-to-school routine, with Calgary Young People’s Theatre (CYPT) fall classes!

Calgary Young People’s Theatre was created with the desire to inspire and develop young people in the arts by offering a safe, creative space. Through their classes, camps, workshops, and production opportunities, kids and youth can explore the creative arts and develop their potential. The CYPT mission statement is to inspire and mentor the next generation of art creators and enthusiasts by offering brave, creative spaces where young people can express themselves and their ideas. Their classes are led by professional theatre actors, directors, and playwrights.

Calgary Young People's Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

With locations in Calgary’s NW, SW, and SE, CYPT offers weekly classes for children and teens ages 4 – 18. No experience is necessary and kids will learn how to act, improvise, and create a play. This will be the best part of their week as they dive into drama and have a chance to express themselves and develop their creativity!

CYPT has classes for kids starting at age 4, helping them how to express themselves in positive ways. Act One, for kids ages 4 – 6 years, is a popular, fun-filled introduction to drama. Developing a child’s creativity at an early age encourages social skills and confidence. Various dramatic skills are explored through games and exercises including storytelling, character building, improvisation, movement, and much more! You can find these classes at CYPT’s North, South – Riverbend, and West Campuses.

Act Two, for kids in grades 1 – 2, provides a unique and creative outlet for kids to express themselves, build confidence and meet new friends. Students will explore improvisation, voice and movement skills, and working as an ensemble to create a final presentation. You can find these classes at CYPT’s North, South – Riverbend, and West Campuses.

Of course, the older your child is, the more advanced training they will enjoy, with classes available up to grade 12. This fall, register your child or teen at CYPT for drama adventures, new friends, and a creative outlet. It’s time to take the stage!

Calgary Young People's Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Young People’s Theatre Fall Classes:

North Location

Where: The Unitarian Church of Calgary
Address: 1703 1st Street NW, Calgary, AB

South (Riverbend) Location

Where: The Riverbend Community Association
Address: 19 Rivervalley Drive SE, Calgary, AB

South (CKE) Location

Where: CKE Community Association
Address: 1015 73 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

West Location

Where: SCA Community Association
Address: 277 Strathcona Dr SW, Calgary, AB

When: September to December 2023