WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park hosted several of the more spectacular winter sports in the 1988 Olympics, and has since become a mult-purpose facility enjoyed by Calgarians all year round. Some of the key activities that take place at this impressive facility include (please note that many activities are seasonal):

Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding

WinSport offers runs for all levels of skiiers and boarders, including a vast beginners area, perfects for kids and first time skiiers. There’s also a terrain park and half-pipe for more advanced visitors. Visit the facility’s webpage for info on lessons and passes. In addition to down-hill, WinSport also has cross-country activities.

Bobsleigh/Luge Rides

Take a trip down the bobsleigh run used in the ’88 Olympics! Bobsleigh rides are offered in both the winter and summer seasons, with luge rides in the winter only.

Mountain Biking

WinSport offers the only bike park in Alberta with lift access to downhill trails. The site has a wide range of trails for all skill levels and a bike park.


Ride the line all the way down from the ski jump tower.

Mini Golf

Hit the links mini style on this professionally designed 18-hole course.


Experience the thrill of the fall. The unique harness-system lets you feel like you’re flying high.

Skyline Luge

This unique activity lets you ride a wheeled luge down a thrilling track.

Sports Hall of Fame

12 galleries with more than 50 hands-on interactive exhibits celebrating Canada’s greatest sports heroes.

Ski Jump Towers

You may not be able to ski down the towers’ ramps, but you can take a tour of this Olympic facility. You’ll see some ski jumping memorabilia as well as a great view of the surrounding landscape.

Public Skating

Need to cool off? There is often public skating during the summer in the Markin MacPhail Centre.

Canada Olympic Park Contact Details:

Address: 88 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary AB
Telephone: (403) 247-5452