Sure, January is actually the beginning of the new year, but when you have kids, September feels like the real new year! With back to school and the crispness of fall, don’t forget to register for after-school activities, too. Whether your child wants to sink a basket or set up a volleyball, they can develop their skills with SSD (Stryker Sports Development). Use the special Family Fun discount code, FFC25FALL, and save $25 until September 30, 2023!

SSD offers a variety of volleyball (Grade 3 – 10) and basketball (Grade 1 – 10) sessions, at several locations and time slots all over Calgary. Kids will not only learn fundamental skills with experienced and certified coaches, but they will experience a safe place to practice their game and have the opportunity to work as part of a team. If you have kids entering middle school, these programs will hone their skills to help them gain confidence and expertise to try out for the school team.

From little ones just beginning to play team sports to competitive teens, SSD not only teaches kids about basketball and volleyball but also gives them a chance to thrive in a positive sports environment. Young players have a chance to develop their maximum potential, both on and off the court. Certified and knowledgeable coaches offer personalized attention to encourage and challenge young athletes to be their best selves. Plus, kids will be kept busy and active, making friends and gaining expertise in areas that reach far beyond playing a sport!

SSD Stryker Sports Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

With multiple locations in all quadrants of Calgary, you’ll probably find an SSD program near you. This back-to-school season, give your child or youth a positive opportunity to stay active and have fun. They will develop their basketball and volleyball skills, and grow qualities such as cooperation, persistence, and leadership, helping develop the person each child is becoming.

For more information, to find out specific locations and times, or to register, visit

SSD Fall Programs:

When: Fall 2023
Various locations around Calgary (as well as Okotoks for volleyball)