September 2017

Fall is a beautiful, if too short, season in Calgary. We try to make the most of it, as busy as we are, because the weather can be pleasant and the foliage is simply lovely.

So, this past weekend I found myself, with my three kids, at Calaway Park, taking part in the Halloweekends event that is going on.

Calaway Park Halloweekends (Family Fun Calgary)

Welcome to HalloTown; Photo Credit: Charity Quick

With the rides and shows all operational – and great carnival snacks still to be purchased! – it was a fabulous time to go. We enjoyed the creativity of costumes that everyone wore, from ride operators to guests, and the fun characters that roamed the park, posing with kids for pictures.

The decorations throughout the park added to the fall beauty.

Calaway Park Fall Decorations (Family Fun Calgary)

Photo Credit: Charity Quick

There is a haunted house (not too scary!) and lots of Halloween decorations mixed in with fall decorations. Calaway Park has also specifically decorated a section of the park for Halloween, and named it HalloStreet. It’s decor makes the most of light-hearted fun with all kinds of jokes interspersed. (Well, puns, anyway. Although some consider puns to be the lowest form of humour, my kids laughed.) The dressed-up skeletons amused everyone. Face painting is also available, for a fee, if your kids decide their costume needs to be perked up. And speaking of costumes, this is your chance to dress up!

Boneness Park at Calaway Park (Family Fun Calgary)

Very “Pun-y” Photo Credit: Charity Quick

The weather was beautiful and the leaves presented all their fall glory. We arrived right at opening, and it was a wonderful day to be out and enjoying fall in our city.

Fall at Calaway Park (Family Fun Calgary)

A beautiful time of year at Calaway Park; Photo Credit: Charity Quick

My kids raced to the rollercoaster and rode it twice – just to warm themselves up for the day, I guess. We then proceeded to ride many of the rides and enjoyed the low crowds and short line-ups.

After a short break to watch the Canada One Five Oh show, and polish off a bag of cotton candy, we were ready for more rides.

Canada One Five Oh Show Calaway Park (Family Fun Calgary)

Note the oh-so-Canadian outfits on these dancers; Photo Credit: Charity Quick

We ended the day with a plunge down Timber Falls, and even though we got wet (of course), it was such a nice day that not one person complained. Rides, treats, shows AND keeping everyone happy makes for a great family day!

Storm Chaser at Calaway Park (Family Fun Calgary)

My son’s new favourite ride, Storm Chaser; Photo Credit: Charity Quick

Calaway Park is only open for TWO more weekends this year, so now is your chance to get out and enjoy it. All the extra Halloween fun is included in your season pass or regular admission. If you don’t have a season pass, save a little money by buying your tickets online. And don’t forget, October 7 – 9 is also Thank You, Calgary weekend at Calaway Park.