Have you ever wished the news was more fun? Green Fools News is! On July 24, 2021, Green Fools presents Green Fools News at the Big Art Drive-in at TELUS Spark. This family-friendly show features a cast of puppets and people who share the latest news to amuse. All five episodes of Green Fools News, plus the blooper reel, will be screened.

The show features fan favourite Gustavo, a mainstay of Green Fools, as the weather reporter, the bird co-hosts, Ethan Hawk and Midge the Pidge, and cooking segments by Chef McHaggis. Charles Bookings will be sharing stories by the fireside, while Tom Turkey covers traffic. The arts and entertainment segment features a variety of real-life artists from around the world.

Tickets are $25 per vehicle and available here: www.greenfools.com

Catch the trailer below.

Green Fools News Drive-In:

When: Saturday, July 24, 2021
Time: 3 pm (Doors open at 2 pm)
Where: TELUS Spark
Address: 220 St George’s Drive NE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-237-9010
Website: www.greenfools.com