Are your kids staying active and having fun? What about juggling, balancing, aerials, and laughing with friends?! After the dark winter months, spring means it’s time to bring back the fun (and maybe try something completely new!) with Green Fools Theatre Spring Programs. It might be just what the doctor ordered for your kids!

Green Fools Theatre offers amazing circus programs to help aspiring performers and acrobats enjoy a fun and unique activity. From teaching circus skills like basic juggling and balancing to tightwire and aerial, any child who has ever had an inkling to run away to the circus will thrive. These programs are for all kids with an interest in the circus — even those who have never imagined what they could accomplish. Suitable for kids of all abilities, kids will learn new skills in a safe and supportive environment. They will challenge themselves, burn their energy, and build confidence as they master new achievements.

Green Fools Spring Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Even if your child has never tried the circus arts before, the small class sizes at Green Fools Theatre will ensure that they have the opportunity to succeed. Students will receive plenty of one-on-one coaching in the areas they are most passionate about. With a focus on fun and growth, Green Fools Theatre is ideal for any youth who has expressed an interest in physical performance.

Wondering what kinds of classes you can expect from Green Fools Theatre? Green Fools Theatre has a variety of classes, for toddlers in Parent and Tot classes, up to 17 years old. Take a look at all the choices here, as the following is only a sample of what you can learn!

Circus Skills

In this Circus Skills class, you will learn a variety of circus skills including juggling, plate spinning, flower sticks, poi, rola-bola, tight wire, slack line, simple acrobatics, and walking barrels. You’ll be taught each technique in manageable steps. Come learn new skills and make new connections along the way!

Beginner Mixed Aerial

In this Aerial class, safety and fun are part of the class core. You will build strength, flexibility, and a solid movement foundation to be able to play safely and explore in the air. The program is based on a balance of technique learning and creativity games. Participants will work on trapeze, silks and aerial hoops throughout the semester. No previous experience is required.

Green Fools Spring Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Acro and Aerial

In the Acrobatic and Aerial mixed class, safety and fun are part of the class core. The program incorporates a balance of technique on the floor, technique in the air, and fun creative games. On the floor, students will work on acrobatic moves such as rolls, balances, tumbling, flexibility, and strength. In the air, students will learn base-level moves on the trapeze, silks, and aerial hoop. There is no previous experience required for this class.

Circus and Aerial

In this class, you will learn all about BOTH aerial and circus skills while getting a great workout. Circus involves a variety of skills like juggling, diablo, plate spinning, flower sticks, poi, rola-bola, unicycle, tight wire, slack line, stilt walking, simple acrobatics, and walking barrels. Aerial involves work on Hoop, Silks and Trapeze. Safety is at the core of the class, so you can learn to be at ease in the air and you’ll learn each technique in manageable steps.

Are your kids ready to move to the next level? They can find classes in Mixed Aerial, Silks, or Hoop and Trapeze. Kids will also explore more choreography work at these levels.

Green Fools Spring Programs (Family Fun Calgary)

Registration is now open for Green Fools Theatre Programs that start in April, and you can enjoy early bird pricing until February 27, 2023. This spring it’s time for your kids to have fun, challenge their bodies, learn new skills, and amaze themselves!

Green Fools Theatre Spring Programs:

When: Classes start April 2023
Where: 7056G Farrel Road SE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-237-9010