August 2017

The Calgary Zoo is a must-do attraction for our family, and even more so when there is a brand-new exhibit! So when friends came to visit us in Calgary this summer, it was obvious that a visit to the zoo and the Land of Lemurs was in order.

We arrived and headed straight to Destination Africa. (Between the hippos and the meerkats, Africa is already my favourite!) It was the August long weekend, and the line-up for the Land of Lemurs was long, but it was a lovely day and the newly-renovated area is pleasant and efficiently designed. The time passed quickly as our kids all got reacquainted with new/old friends, and just when they started to get a little impatient with the wait, we were approached by a magician. He amazed and amused everyone watching with his sleight-of-hand tricks and clever banter, and before the kids knew it, we were being ushered into the Land of Lemurs.

Land Of Lemurs (Family Fun Calgary)

The Land of Lemurs is an immersive exhibit (the outdoor loop is seasonal) where you can walk right into the enclosure with the lemurs and join them in their world. The Calgary Zoo is home to black-and-white ruffed lemurs, red-fronted lemurs, and ring-tailed lemurs. Interpretive guides are ready to tell you more about the different species, what steps are being taken to protect this unique animal, and lemurs in general. (Apparently, there is much I don’t know about lemurs.) They are only found on the island of Madagascar, and there is amazing diversity in the species. More poignantly, if lemurs disappear, Madagascar’s forests and all the unique plants and animals that call them home will be in jeopardy.

Rope Bridge (Family Fun Calgary)

Kids Loving the Rope Bridge – Photo Credit: Charity Quick

The exhibit is an attractive one, with bridges and ropes, water features, and foliage. The lemurs are free to move around within the exhibit, and you’re warned not to bring food into the exhibit, or sit on the ground, as then you become “furniture” to the lemurs. As we entered, the kids were all fascinated by the bridges and ropes (because, of course), and a guide took us through the exhibit, telling us everything we never knew we didn’t know about lemurs!

Red-Fronted Lemur (Family Fun Calgary)

Red-Fronted Lemur – Photo Credit: Charity Quick

The Land of Lemurs is a lovely addition to Destination: Africa. Attractively displayed, the distinct focus on animal conservation and welfare offers practical applications for the conservation of lemurs, while delighting visitors with a close-up view of these unique animals.

There is only one caveat: your children just might feel compelled to sing I Like To Move It, Move It the entire time you’re in the exhibit. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Land of Lemurs Sign (Family Fun Calgary)

Photo Credit: Charity Quick

Land of Lemurs Details:

Where: Calgary Zoo
Address: 210 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary, AB