When school is out, KidStrong Camps are in! KidStrong summer camps are created to help parents empower their kids to become the best they can be. Kids face a lot in their daily life, and we all want our kids to be healthy, smart, and resilient. Kids who have the tools to become strong, happy, and independent are the kids who are ready to lead. They know how to be a friend and they have confidence on the playground and in the classroom. KidStrong wants to partner with parents through the KidStrong summer camps.

KidStrong was initially developed to help kids become strong and independent and they still strive to fulfill that mission. The original goal led to a team of experts who built an exclusive curriculum focused on growing stronger kids through innovative training. KidStrong has two locations in Calgary, in the southeast on MacLeod Trail and in the northwest in Symons Valley. Hours and ages may vary by location, but KidStrong Camps run during the times of a typical school day and are designed for kids ages 4 to 9 years.

The KidStrong curriculum offers your child a variety of activities and options that will help enhance character, physical abilities, and brain development along age-specific milestones. This curriculum is based on the latest in developmental science and consults expert advice in the fields of pediatric occupational therapy, child development, sports physiology, and physical education. Each session is led by two KidStrong coaches who are professional, experienced, and highly trained. They have a passion for child development and education. While they reinforce important skills like confidence, physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and social skills, the kids will be having a blast learning with their peers and getting lots of physical activity.

Think of how much fun your child will have at one of these example camps!

Superhero Session
During Superhero Week at KidStrong, they’re going to be working on all things HERO, like leaping over buildings, knocking down walls, and working together as a super team. They’ll also be working on superhero-related projects and kids are encouraged to wear their favourite superhero gear throughout the week. (Jedis are superheroes, too!) There might be some superhero-related entertainment as well, if they can talk a superhero into flying by the center.

Ninja Session
Everyone wants to be a NINJA, working on ninja skills like climbing, jumping, hanging, climbing ropes, and everyone’s favourite — obstacle courses! They’ll also be focused on problem-solving and team-building through various challenging courses. Be ready for your kid to develop some serious ninja skills this week, so backyards beware. PARKOUR!

Confidence + Leadership Session
Confidence + Leadership Session is all about working on boosting our children’s confidence through leadership training. Confidence and leadership are valuable life skills and if developed at an early age can help give children an advantage as they enter school and beyond. This week they will be focused on developing confidence and leadership skills through team challenges, games focusing on teamwork, leadership opportunities, and public speaking. They may even be able to create their own “Team” obstacles to put their friends through. 

Help your child win at life with KidStrong summer camps! It’s the perfect opportunity for fun and entertainment while developing a strong body, a strong character, and a strong brain. You can find out more about KidStrong Camps here.

KidStrong Summer Camps:

When: July and August 2023

Where: MacLeod Trail Location
Address: 9950 MacLeod Trail SE Calgary, AB
Phone: 587-997-2726
Location Page: www.kidstrong.com/locations/macleod-trail

Where: Symons Valley Location
Address: 2045 Symons Valley Pkwy NW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 587-287-1262
Location Page: www.kidstrong.com/locations/symons-valley

Website: www.kidstrong.com