Every parent wants their child to find meaning and satisfaction in life. This fall, spark joy with music lessons from MRU Conservatory. You’ve probably heard about the Mount Royal University Conservatory, but did you know they offer a wide range of options in music and speech arts education for every age and stage? Music naturally entices children and offers a world of pleasure, while teaching discipline and even improving cognitive skills.

The MRU Conservatory has everything your family needs and programs for all ages. Looking for a class for babies? Check out Music With Your Baby, just the class to build a strong foundation using traditional folk and nursery songs, rhymes, chants and storytelling. Early childhood group classes also teach the Kodály and Suzuki methods, with some classes available in group piano, cello, and violin. Would your child thrive in a choir setting? MRU offers award-winning ensembles with three kids’ choirs. Whether you’re looking for private lessons or group music lessons with world-class instructors, you’ll find lots of options, including a specialty in Chinese music. Are your children more into theatre? MRU Conservatory also has acting, improvisation, and public speaking classes for young kids, teens, and tweens! What will your kids choose?

MRU Kids' Conservatory (Family Fun Calgary)

Private lessons at the MRU Conservatory

It doesn’t matter what musical level you start from, the MRU Conservatory offers private lessons for beginners to more advanced musicians for most instruments from xylophone to baby grand! The Conservatory’s world-class instructors go above and beyond to foster your children’s love of music. Enjoy private lessons in piano, guitar, violin, voice, or almost any other instrument under the sun.

Choirs and orchestras at the MRU Conservatory

Working together with other singers and musicians can offer wonderful results and a satisfying experience. The MRU Conservatory has choirs and instrumental ensembles for musicians at all levels and the dedicated and talented instructors bring out the best in young artists! Your kids can join one of the amazing children’s choirs – like Ariel, Arietta, or Arisoso — or begin performing in the incredible Junior Strings Orchestra and work their way up to the prestigious Calgary Youth Orchestra.

Speech arts and drama classes at the MRU Conservatory

The MRU Conservatory goes beyond traditional music lessons. From patty cake to debates, there are private and group speech arts and drama classes that touch on every aspect of theatre, public speaking, and performance for youth ages 4 – 17! Enjoy fantastic classes like Act Up, Speak Out, Improv, and Speechworks.

MRU Kids' Conservatory (Family Fun Calgary)

This could be the year your kids discover their passion for music or theatre and develop skills that will benefit them for their whole lives. Of course, the MRU Conservatory is for every age and stage, not just the kids, so adults can also discover the satisfaction and joy of music this year.

MRU Conservatory:

Where: Mount Royal University
Address: 4825 Mount Royal Circle SW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-440-6821
Email: conservatory@mtroyal.ca
Website: mru.ca/Conservatory