Rhythm and tempo, structure and spontaneity. What does music mean to you?

Finding meaning and satisfaction in life is important to building resiliency, adapting, and thriving, no matter what gets thrown at you. Music can be a wonderful tool for this, increasing our mental health and helping us cope with stress. The kids have had to give up a lot this year, but now they don’t need to give up their music, as MRU Conservatory offers online music lessons — so they don’t miss a beat!

Online lessons with MRU Conservatory are available in most areas of music, voice, speech arts, and drama for all ages and levels of experience. Private instruction or select group lessons are available and MRU Conservatory can provide instruction for nearly any instrument you have at home.

Maybe your kids (or you) are complete beginners looking to make the most of a new season. Or maybe you have accomplished musicians in your house, who want to keep advancing their passion. Either way, MRU Conservatory offers tailor-made instruction. If you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll be impressed with the Speech Arts and Drama lessons. Instructors at MRU Conservatory are highly qualified, professional teachers and performers with real-life musical experience. They go above and beyond to ensure your quality of learning is exceptional, even in a virtual environment!

If you have little ones, they can also enjoy the many benefits of music in an early childhood online group class. Check out Music Around the world and send your child on a virtual voyage around the world, singing songs both familiar and new from France, Australia, England, Ireland, and Canada. The Stories and Songs class brings you weekly themes based on classic children’s stories, with at-home craft ideas and story resources emailed out prior to every class so that the storytelling can continue throughout the week. This class is followed by an optional chat time for caregivers to connect with others.

It’s time to dig out that old band instrument or dust off the piano and join MRU Conservatory in this virtual venture. Improve brain function, manage stress, and have some fun!

MRU Conservatory Virtual Summer Lessons:

Website: www.mru.ca/onlinelessons
Phone: 403-440-6821
Email: conservatory@mtroyal.ca