What could your child achieve if properly challenged? Imagine the possibilities if they were surrounded by brilliance! It will soon be time for kids to head back to school and if you have a child who is drawn to math, help them excel beyond the classroom this fall. Spirit of Math is a fast-paced and exciting program that is building a powerful community of future leaders. With high expectations for their students, they are giving kids a chance to deepen their math skills and take them from the top of the class to the top of the nation!

Spirit of Math has over 30 years of experience at more than 40 campuses around the world. They are an innovative leader in education, feeding inquisitive minds to develop the problem-solvers of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Cooperative group work and presentation skills are highlighted, not only for their essential life-skills benefits but because teamwork is often how you find your way to the solution to a problem. Through teamwork, students develop the ability to work effectively with others. It’s an interactive environment that will stimulate your child’s mind, feeding their enthusiasm, and developing the way they think. Spirit of Math has two campuses in Calgary, one at VIVO for Healthier Generations and one at the new Spirit of Math Calgary office at 3333 Richardson Way.

Spirit of Math Fall Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Spirit of Math: Building a Strong Mathematical Mind

Four elements form the foundation of all Spirit of Math programs. They focus on core curriculum, collaborative group work, drills, and problem-solving. This multi-layered experience creates well-rounded students with high-level skills. Spirit of Math hires teachers who know how to connect with students through kindness and firmness, and each teacher receives more than 100 hours of training and ongoing development. They provide a structured environment conducive to learning for high-performing students and help every student reach their full potential.

Every class starts with drills where there is a focus on making progress, rather than incorrect answers, making the drills meaningful and productive. Word problems are another important component of every class. These problems stretch high-performing minds with strategic thinking and require the practical application of theoretical knowledge in mathematics. The students are not just challenged in mathematics but also in building important leadership and critical thinking abilities. Skills are developed in numeracy, problem-solving, logical thinking, teamwork, presenting, and overall communication. As a result, students learn to think divergently using mathematics and collaboration.

Surround your child with brilliance this fall. If your child is a high performer, they will love these fast-paced, engaging classes! You will love to watch them gain confidence as they learn, problem-solve, and work collaboratively with each other. Book a free, no-obligation interview at Spirit of Math today.

Spirit of Math Fall Lessons:

When: September 2023 – June 2024

Where: Spirit of Math, Calgary West
Address: 3333 Richardson Way SW, Calgary

Where: VIVO for Healthier Generations
Address: 11950 Country Village Link NE, Calgary

Website: www.spiritofmath.com/campus/calgary