Summer is wonderful: sleeping in, eating all the snacks in the house, and hanging out with friends. But parents know that a little structure and activity over the summer can also be wonderful! SSD (Stryker Sports Development) offers basketball and volleyball summer camps to keep kids active and engaged. From little ones just beginning to play team sports up to teens who have experience on the court, these camps teach more about the game and give kids a chance to have fun and thrive in a positive sports environment. Be sure to use the discount code 25SUMMEROFF to save $25!

SSD offers opportunities for young players to develop their maximum potential on and off the court. Certified and knowledgeable coaches offer personalized attention to encourage and challenge young athletes to be their best selves. Having the input of a caring, knowledgeable coach can help kids in every area, as their teaching philosophy focuses on ‘Fun, Fair Play and Positive Attitude’.

Once in camp, players are grouped according to grade and experience. Camps for younger kids prioritize early development and fundamental skills. Camps for the older kids help advance skills for players who want to develop in the sport, including competition preparation. This gives them a great advantage when they try out for school teams in the fall! More than all of that, kids will be kept busy and active this summer, making friends and gaining expertise in areas that reach far beyond playing a sport. Team sports offer many skills that translate into lifelong benefits, such as cooperation, persistence, and leadership.

With multiple locations in all quadrants of Calgary, you’ll likely find a camp near you. (See locations and weeks here.) Depending on the location and camp, you can also choose from full days or half days. Can’t decide between basketball or volleyball? Then you’ll want to check out the full-day 2Sport camp that offers both sports, with basketball in the morning and volleyball in the afternoon!

It will be a wonderful summer, filled with friends, sports, … and still eating all the snacks in the house! Find out more and register here using the discount code 25SUMMEROFF.

SSD Summer Camps:

When: July and August 2024
Full days, 9 am – 3:30 pm; Half days, 9 am – 12 pm or 12:30 – 3:30 pm
Locations: All quadrants of Calgary

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