We all look forward to summer and those warm, languid, lazy days. But as a parent, you know how those days of keeping the kids entertained can get old very quickly. There’s help coming! The camp directors at The Big Box – Family Entertainment Hub are planning engaging, fun-filled activities for your kids to enjoy during a week (or more!) at summer camp.

The Big Box is Canada’s largest family entertainment centre, with over 55 000 square feet of excitement to offer. Leisure Lagoon is 27,000 square feet of indoor play space, an inter-connected soft play structure for kids of all ages. It pairs well with the 7 500 square foot Giant Inflata-Park which brings extreme inflatable fun. There’s also an On-the-fly! Aerial Obstacle course, an extensive arcade, electric bumper cars, and a virtual reality arena. You don’t need much imagination to know how amazing a summer camp will be in such an incredible environment!

Every week during the summer, kids from ages 5 – 14 years, can engage in active and interesting experiences at The Big Box. Camps run from 9 am – 5 pm, and an 8:30 am drop-off can be arranged, along with paid care after 5 pm. It’s a good idea to send your kids in comfortable clothing that can get dirty, as they will be engaged in a wide variety of fun activities. A pair of grip socks will be provided on the first day of camp and don’t forget sturdy running shoes for the ropes course experience.

The Big Box Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Take a look at all the exciting activities your kids will enjoy this summer!

FUN WITH COLORS! | At The Big Box, kids will have an opportunity to explore their creative side with colours. They can paint rainbows using balloons, do splatter painting, and create with play dough, all while having group fun!

BOARD GAMES TIME! | Traditional board games are an ideal team-building exercise. The camps will offer a variety of kid-friendly board games. The list of games includes Scrabble, Snakes & Ladders, Trouble, Sequence, Jenga, Monopoly, Connect4, and a lot more!

FITNESS AT ITS BEST! | Kids will enjoy a challenging atmosphere along with their peers and a qualified course instructor on the aerial ropes and obstacles! Adding high ropes helps grow inner confidence and increases fitness.

EXPLORE VIRTUAL WORLDS! | Virtual reality is a truly unique multiplayer movie and gaming experience. The Big Box state-of-the-art VRsenal consoles offer a variety of games. Kids at summer camp will get to spend a little digital time as well.

PLAY N’ FUN! | Kids love the extravagant open-concept indoor soft-play and inflatable-play space with thrilling rides including tunnels, a donut slide, a waterfall drop, a bouncy drop, and roller spins. All ages will love exploring this space with their camp team!

BUILD A SCIENCE LAB! | The Big Box abides by the motto “Fun and Learn,” and the weekly science hour at summer camps provides just the right mix! The camp team will try out various intriguing activities to make learning extremely fun! This includes understanding gravity, performing safe mix reactions, slime time, and cloud in a jar.

BUMP IT UP! | Happy Bumper Cars are one of the most popular activities at The Big Box. The bumper cars are equipped with sensory detection technology which gives the opponent’s car a 360-degree spin if they get shot on the sweet spot. It is an exciting way to engage camp kids while having fun!

The Big Box Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

It’s an easy choice: you can listen to kids complain about your backyard and their boredom or you can send them to The Big Box – Family Entertainment Hub, where you’ll both benefit from the break! Registration is now open.

The Big Box Summer Camps:

When: July 3 – September 1, 2023
9 am – 5 pm
930 64th Ave NE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-244-2691
Email: info@thebigbox.ca
Website: www.thebigbox.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com