Located an hour north of Calgary, the Gopher Hole Museum has a very eclectic collection of stuffed gophers. Apparently, Torrington has an alarmingly large number of gophers so the town turned them into a tourist attraction. Quite successfully it has drawn thousands of tourists from all over the world to their unusual displays since opening in 1996.  Exhibits include gophers dressed as a priest, bank robber, RCMP officer, duck hunter, firefighter, and beautician, among others. Dressed in elaborate costumes and framed by elaborately painted backdrops, the Gophers pose in cabinets. Open June 1 – September 30 from 10 am – 5 pm, daily and there is a gift shop stocked with locally produced items.

**There is no credit or debit machine, so be sure to bring some cash for the $2 entrance fee.**


Address: 208 1 St South Torrington, Alberta
Telephone: 403-631-2133
Website: www.gopherholemuseum.ca