Summer 2021: Be sure to reserve your timed tickets.

Officially opened on June 30, 1968, the ‘Tower’ has become the City of Calgary’s most famous and identifiable physical landmark. One of the first Towers of its kind, the Calgary Tower offers the best view in Calgary and is a must-see on any tourist’s itinerary.

Visitors to the Observation Deck are able to virtually “step out” into space on the glass floor experience. Imagine standing 525 feet above the ground in the heart of Calgary and being able to look straight down and directly out in front of you into the heart of the city. The experience is awe-inspiring and will challenge the emotions, but rest assured — the thrill will be worth it. The glass floor is 36 feet long and more than four feet wide, the glass panes that make up the floor can each hold the weight of a couple of hippos! With only a glass wall in front, you will be treated to the unusual experience of literally being suspended in mid-air. And don’t forget to check out the optical illusion as the shaft on the Tower looks as though it bends away from you.

The Calgary Tower also houses 2 restaurants (one of which rotates!).

Calgary Tower Contact Details:

Address: 101 – 9th Avenue SW, Calgary AB

Photo courtesy Visit Calgary.