Being a parent involves so many decisions as you strive to keep your kids safe, healthy, and well-adjusted. If you need out-of-school care, you know it can add an extra challenge to your life. Trico Centre’s licensed before and after school program is for kids from grades 1 to 6, and they ensure your children are securely cared for and provided with appropriate fun and challenges. And knowing your children are happy throughout their day makes your decision-making easier!

Trico Centre is a neighbourhood active-living recreational facility, offering a vast range of programs and services in Calgary’s southeast. They have competitively-priced memberships, a variety of registered programs for all ages and interests, facility rentals, day camps, birthday parties, and childcare services. It’s a well-equipped facility with an aquatic centre, two arenas, a fitness centre, and other community-friendly spaces. Their goal is to be a community leader in inspiring healthy lifestyles through affordable, innovative programs and service excellence.

Trico Centre Out of School Care (Family Fun Calgary)

The out-of-school care at Trico Centre is dedicated to your children. Each school group will be cared for in different rooms, reducing exposure between cohorts and keeping illness to a minimum. Kids take part in daily physical activities that focus on building your child’s physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, and full use of the recreation centre means lots of swimming, skating, and other active fun! Kids will also enjoy daily craft, drama, and STEM centres that support the growth of their creative expression. Plus, the kids will love the monthly field trips exploring the city!

The Trico Centre offers out-of-school care to these CBE schools: Sam Livingston, David Thompson, RT Alderman, Maple Ridge, and Willow Ridge (new for Fall 2022) and these charter schools: FFCA Southeast Elementary and FFCA South Middle School. Transportation from the schools is included. Parents can choose from childcare before or after school and school closure care is also available.

Trico Centre Out of School Care (Family Fun Calgary)

With PD Days taken care of, field trips, and special skating and swimming days, both parents and kids will love the out-of-school care at Trico Centre! The program is primarily technology-free and quality recreation will help develop growing kids, teaching motor skills through play and sports and creativity through play and arts. Kids will also develop their intellectual and social skills through the activities, as they interact with leaders and other kids, enjoying the sense of community. Subsidies are also available, as this is a licensed care centre.

Registration is now open for out-of-school care at Trico Centre this fall. Reserve your spot and enjoy striking this important decision off your list!

Trico Centre Out of School Care:

When: 2022-23 School Year
Time: 6:45 – 9 am and 2:30 – 6 pm
Trico Centre for Family Wellness
Address: 11150 Bonaventure Dr SE, Calgary, AB