February 2017

On Calgary’s 17th Avenue SW, about a dozen blocks west of ‘restaurant mile’, there exists a foodie mecca and the perfect spot for a quick getaway from everyday reality. The Casel building is home to upscale French eatery Cassis Bistro, her little sister Vélo Café, whole and organic foods retailer Market 17, as well as a J. Webb Wine Merchant and The Village Flatbread Company.

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with a good friend at Vélo Café and wanted to spread the news about this quaint eatery that serves up great food in a spot where kids are welcomed. Nestled within Market 17 and adjoining Cassis Bistro, this charming little café serves delicious food prepared by Cassis’ talented chefs. Just head up to the counter to order and the friendly staff will bring your food over to your table.

Simple french-themed food done beautifully well is on the menu at Vélo.

Grab and go delicious food.


Put a Little Français Into Your Day at Vélo Café (Family Fun Calgary)

The friend I ate lunch with? The brilliant interior designer behind the atmosphere of Cassis, Vélo and Market 17!

This simply says ‘un petit peu de France’ to moi!

We indulged in two open-faced sandwiches from the breakfast menu – mixed mushroom and prosciutto with caramelized onions – and shared. Both were delectable and served on top of amazing gluten-free french bread, with an organic hard boiled egg on the side. I concluded my meal with a perfect (and perfectly beautiful) cappuccino and went home feeling like I’d really had a mini break.

Breakfast sandwiches extraordinaire – perfect for lunch too! And the best gluten-free bread I’ve ever had, hands down.

Vélo’s gorgeous cappuccino begins with their eponymous Blend from Rooftop Coffee Roasters.

Market 17 carries a wide range of healthy and natural foods and personal care products, including some gorgeous ready to eat foods straight from the kitchen at Cassis.

Even if a date night at Cassis is not in the cards right now (though I highly recommend trying for one!), plan on the next best thing… breakfast, lunch or even just coffee and a chocolate croissant at Vélo Café. It’s casual, comfortable and colourful enough for your kids, but the chic cycle-themed French atmosphere will allow you to feel like you’ve had a little getaway. Plus, you can grab some delicious take-home gourmet goodies from the market on your way out the door!

Vélo Café Contact Details:

Hours: 7 am – 5 pm daily
Address: 102 – 2505 17 Avenue SW, Calgary AB
Website: www.velocafeyyc.com