Clam Harbour Sandcastle Competition

Clam Harbour Sandcastle competition

Photo: Scott Munn/NS Tourism Agency

Get your bucket and shovel…it’s time to build a sandcastle! Entry to compete in the annual Clam Harbour Sandcastle competition is $10 for adults or FREE for children and youth. To build your masterpiece, you may use hands and hand tools including shovels, spatulas, rakes, pails, etc. as well as any natural objects found on the beach such as sand, driftwood, shells, seaweed and rocks from the exposed beach. You may not use cement, adhesive, metal or timber supports, food colouring, flags, paint or other non-beach materials.

Need some inspiration? Check last year’s winning entries on Facebook.

Clam Harbour Sandcastle Competition

When: Sunday, August 12th, 2018
Time: 9:00 am
Where: Clam Harbour Beach, Eastern Shore
Competition entrance fee:
Adults (Individual or Team): $10
Youth (13-18 / Individual or Group): FREE
Children (Under 12 / team or individual): FREE

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