Hey parents out there, we’ve all been there! Your date night ideas are running a bit stale…You find yourself eating at the same restaurant, the same night of the week, while having the same old conversations about kids, work, and household maintenance. And while you relish the chance to have those conversations without interruption, you have this nagging voice in your head telling you that it’s time to change up date-night a little…

Saskatoon parents, meet Paint Nite!


If you haven’t tried Paint Nite, here’s how it works… You pick a painting and a time that suits you, you find a babysitter, you show up in something you don’t mind getting dirty, you bring your creative spirit and participate in a guided painting activity while enjoying a bevie or two. Presto! Date night transformed!

I have tried Paint Nite myself on a couple of occasions, once with girlfriends and another time with my husband. What I came away with both times was a feeling of having escaped! Paint Nite is a heady combination of focused concentration on a novel task, giggles, and great drinks! No time to think about kids, commitments, and the everyday–a welcome change from my usual nights out!

Unsure about your artistic ability? We all are! That’s why Paint Nite employs local artists to guide you and make the process as pleasurable as possible! You’d be amazed what you might turn out! The hardest decision is where to hang your masterpiece once you’ve brought it home, believe me!

A session of Paint Nite typically takes 2 to 3 hours, and they offer sessions most evening or weekend afternoons in venues throughout the city. All that’s left is to check out their website and book your next date night!