If you have a Youth who dreams of playing with the Huskies someday, they can join Huskie Athletics Future Huskies Youth Summer Camps. This will be a chance to learn from the best of the best! Kids will be able to discover more about their favourite sports and develop their skills with the encouragement of the Huskie head coaches and athletes. Known throughout the province and the country for their skills and knowledge, the coaches and athletes lead the instruction in all the camps.

Each Future Huskie camp participant will have proper instruction and learn athlete skills, techniques and gameplay. The camps will have a ratio of 10 to one between coaches and athletes so they can get the attention they need during camps. Youth will come out of camps with a renewed passion for their favourite sport and some like-minded friends.

Future Huskies Youth Summer Camps Options

If your kids can’t pick their favourite sport, they can participate in the Introductory Multi-Sport Co-ed Summer Camps. This will give them a chance to explore a variety of sports and learn new skills and maybe come out of the camp with a brand new favourite sport.

The Huskie Co-ed Hockey Skills Development Camps will provide on and off-training for all hockey players. There will also be a Women’s Hockey Summer Preparation League to help prepare for the upcoming season.

If your Future Huskie loves basketball, the Huskie Basketball camps are designed for athletes wanting to develop their skills and learn more about the sport. There will be men’s basketball summer camps and women’s basketball summer camps for youth.

Is Football more their style? Huskie Athletics is offering an All Positions Development Camp. These camps are perfect for high school football players. There will also be a Huskie Football Summer High School Prep Camp to help get youth ready for their high school season.

Huskie Womens and C0-Ed Volleyball Summer Camps will focus on the basics of volleyball and prepare participants for more complex games in the future.

If all your kids want to do is kick the soccer ball around, Huskie Athletics is offering a Huskie Women’s Soccer learn-to-train camp and Huskie Men’s Camps! Their passion for soccer will ignite during camp time and teach them fundamentals for the future.

The Huskey Wrestling Summer Camp is a great training camp for wrestlers of all experience and skill levels. This camp will include beach, folk-style and Inuit Wrestling. Advanced wrestlers can join the Huskie Wrestling Advanced Summer Camp to become competition-ready!

Future Huskies Youth Summer Camps

Children going into grades 5 and 6 can look forward to Co-Ed Youth Flag Football Summer Camps. The Saskatchewan Huskies and Saskatoon Valkyries will team up to teach the fundamental skills for both offensive and defensive positions. Even more, members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders will join for part of one day to deliver a “Win with Wellness” message to all the participants.

You can register your active kids now for summer camps.

Future Huskies Youth Summer Camps

When: July and August 2024

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