Registration is now open for 2022 YMCA Summer Camps! If you can already tell that your children are going to go a little bit stir crazy over the summer, YMCA has the perfect camps to keep your busy little bees moving! This summer, camps are even better with BOTH the Super Summer and Blackstrap camps running! Your kids will have the chance to work on new skills, meet new friends, gain more confidence while working with others, and have an exciting adventure they will talk about for years to come. They will make memories and love the time out of the house. Between the two camps, there will be something for all kids! YMCA has something for your teenagers as well! They can join the two-week camp for CIT (Counsellors in Training). This will give them an opportunity to try out all the fun activities while learning how to be a counsellor!


Super Summer Camp

The Super Summer Camps are held at the downtown location. Your kids can enjoy amazing activities that will help them use up some energy and bring smiles from ear to ear! This camp is for children ages 5 to 12. They will spend their days swimming, going on field trips, doing art projects and stem activities and more throughout their week!

Time: 7:30 am to 6 pm
Dates: Jul 4-8 | Jul 11-15 | Jul 18-22 | Jul 25-29 |Aug 2-5 | Aug 8-12 | Aug 15-19

Blackstrap Camp

Blackstrap Camp is for outdoor enthusiasts! This camp is open for children ages 7 to 12. If your little one loves the great outdoors and adventures in nature, they will love having a camp adventure at Blackstrap! They will have the chance to kayak, learn archery, rock climb, canoe, swim, and participate in outdoor games! Your kids will be bused out daily. You just need to pick the pickup and drop-off locations when you select your camp.

Time: 7:30 am to 6 pm
Dates: Jul 4- 8 | Jul 11-15 | Jul 18-22 | Jul 25-29 | Aug 2-5 | Aug 8-12 | Aug 15-19

CIT (Counsellors in Training) Camp

CIT (Counsellors in Training) is a 2-week course that allows teens aged 13 to 17 to learn responsibility and independence all while still getting to have an amazing summer. The first week they will spend three days at the Blackstrap Camp and 2 days at the Super Summer Camp. While there, they will be with an instructor to learn the ins and outs of what a counsellor is through hands-on learning. Your teens will get to try out all the different activities offered. In the second week, the CIT’s can choose which camp they would like to be at. They will shadow a counsellor for the week.

Time: 7:30 am to 6 pm
Date: July 18-29

Register now for any of these amazing camps! They also have a form for financial assistance!

YMCA Summer Camps

When: Summer 2022
Where: 25 22nd Street East/Blackstrap