Don’t Miss The East Van Panto Pinocchio

Get tickets! Seriously don’t miss out on the BEST EVER East Van Panto. It’s not often a theatre production ends with a disco ball and an audience dance party. A holiday tradition, an exceptional Christmas gift idea, or just because you want to laugh yourself silly, tickets to the East Van Panto are a must.
East Van Panto 2019The hilarious English panto tradition returns for the 7th year to East Vancouver. Take a classic fairy tale, add in gobs of sarcasm, singing, and a cross-dressing character and you’ve got yourself a British Christmas tradition. This year The Cultch and Theatre Replacement present East Van Panto: Pinocchio.

When a lonely old ice-cream seller named Gelato is given a puppet by the mysterious Beckwoman of Commercial Drive, his dreams of having a child suddenly come true. Join a locally famous cricket, an angry orca, and a dastardly fox as poor Pinocchio does his best to tell everyone the truth and become a real boy. But why are Pinocchio’s limbs always growing? Will there be a Cappuccino War between the Abruzzos and the Calabrias? And why are all those kids ditching class to go to Hastings Racecourse? Don’t worry, Pinocchio—just follow your nose!

East Van PantoYes, pantos are full of over-the-top insanity but I can guarantee you will laugh like never before. If you haven’t experienced a proper panto be sure to add it to your bucket list. Here are a few “rules” to help you enjoy the show:

  • when the “bad guy” appears on stage the audience hisses & boos
  • when there is something going on behind the hero/heroine the audience yells “look out behind you”
  • when someone says “oh yes it is”, the audience shouts “oh no it isn’t!”
  • there is always a male playing a female lead
  • audience participation is a must
  • moms & dads be sure to keep an ear out for the plentiful, and often ludicrous, double entendres

Tickets to East Van Panto: Pinocchio are available online and start at $26. Family Packs are available starting at $160. The Cultch recommends East Van Panto: Pinocchio for kids ages 5 and up. **And please don’t forget that this show is at the YORK THEATRE!

Review: Pinocchio is the 5th East Van Panto Family Fun Vancouver has attended, and this production was our favourite, by far. The comedy was exceptionally clever, the singing was delightful, and the story was timely. As a mom to pre-teen boys I loved the message: likes on social media don’t matter, being true to yourself and your values make you a whole person. Love! (Also love my kids we’re hearing that message from someone other than just their parents).

The music selection for this year’s Panto appeals to all ages. Y-M-C-A morphs into P-A-N-T-O. Gelato’s reinterpretation of Andrea Bocelli’s Time To Say Goodbye had the audience howling. Every tune drove the story forward and tickled the funny bone countless times.

We absolutely loved East Van Panto: Pinocchio and will be recommending this show to everyone we encounter – consider yourself warned.

East Van Panto – Pinocchio:

When: November 20th, 2019 – January 5, 2020
Time: various dates & times (2pm & 7pm)
Where: York Theatre
Address: 639 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

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