As a kid I loved goody bags. As an adult my stomach knots up just thinking about them. No parent wants dollar-store garbage following their kid home from a party. However, it also doesn’t seem appropriate to spend the earth on a little “thank you for coming to my party” treat. I’ve done mini-Beanie Boos. I’ve done party-themed cheap trinkets. For my kids’ party this year I wanted something different, something unique, and something both the kids & parents would think was fun and memorable. Thank you Bag O’ Swag for ticking all of the boxes on my wish list!

Bag O’ Swag is a home-based company run by two moms who agreed that the goody bags from their childhood needed to be shared with kids today. Finding beloved, classic, and ultra cool loot bag items became their passion. Their website ( sorts their loot bag options into mini bags, ages 3-5, ages 6-9 and age 10+. You can also customize your treat bags with deluxe loot such as silly string, a spiral art set, wall bugs, a sound blaster, piggy banks, straw glasses & more…lots more! Or if you have a really specific goody bag in mind, the Bag O’ Swag moms will put together a customized swag-bag just for you!

One thing I LOVE about their goody bags is that they aren’t gender-specific. The toys are packaged in a gender-neutral cloth bag (cream colour) with the red Bag O’ Swag logo. There are no princesses, cars, dolls, or super hero toys to be found. Just great play-things every child would love.

Bag O' Swag: Bag O' Hoopla

Bag O’ Swag: Bag O’ Hoopla

For my boys’ party I handed out two of the Bag O’ Swag styles: Bag O’ Hoopla and Bag O’ Classics. The classics was my favourite because it reminded me of goody bags I received as a child. The bag contained: a paddle ball, an original blue, red & white bouncy ball, silly putty, and a game of pick up sticks. My sons’ favourite bag was the hoopla. It contained: a parachute guy, a slime sucker, and a chicken flyer. Currently I’ve got parachute races happening on my staircase and the dog has come trotting through the house with a chicken dangling out of his mouth more than once. (At some point my children will remember to pick up the chicken after they launch it.) You know you’ve got great goodies when, days after the party, the kids are still playing with the items.

Make your next birthday party, Halloween party, Christmas party – really any celebratory gathering – easier by ordering your own Bag O’ Swag treats. Prices range from $7 – $12 per bag…the prices were a lot less than I was expecting. The prices are amazing when you see the quality of the items included in your Bag O’ Swag.

Bag O’ Swag: