It’s Baking Time! Bun and Bap are back in this popular sweet adventure for very young audiences. Imaginations and ingredients run wild in this special treat cooked up by PHT and UK’s Oily Cart Theatre!

The smell of freshly baked bread drifts through the audience as master bakers Bun and Bap try to contain a sticky situation – they’ve over-yeasted a lively batch of dough and it’s growing. When Yeasty Beasty rises up and begins to chase newly baked baby Loafy through forests, oceans, and floury snowstorms, Bap and Bun spring to action. But what are they to do?

It’s a recipe for pure joy! Expect baking antics, lively music, and lots of opportunities for the audience to safely join in the fun.

Baking Time:

When: November 27, 28, December 4, 5, 2021
Time: Saturdays 1pm, 4pm / Sundays 11am, 1pm
Where: Presentation House Theatre
Address: 333 Chesterfield Avenue at 3rd Street, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-990-3474