We had a GREAT time on the Karaoke Christmas Lights Tour with the Vancouver Trolley Company.  Spectacular lights, great tour guides, and enthusiastic (and some cases, talented) singing all made for a terrific night.

We had the pleasure of participating in this event last year, and this year was equally wonderful!  The pick up location for the trolley changed (it wisely moved to Canada Place) but the route itself was the same.

At 6:30pm the trolley departed and the singing commenced.  We were very lucky to have fellow passengers with strong singing voices.  The tour leader was enthusiastic in her demands for singing.  Unfortunately the 1st song selected was “Grandma got run over by a reindeer”.  As our 3 & 5 year old were traveling with us and their grandparents, that song took a bit of explaining.  After that the songs were all PG and caused no further distress for the kids.  We were all encouraged to sing, and sing we did.  The tour leader, Cat, had bells and “conducting wands” for the kids to use for the duration of the ride.

Our first stop was the Bright Lights at Stanley Park.  There isn’t time to ride the train (besides the tickets were sold out) but make sure you have cash as there is yummy popcorn and treats for sale.  If you do forget cash, there is an ATM by the train ticket booth.

My favourite display this year was the massive red reindeer.  He towered above all the other light displays!


We hopped back on the trolley and drove through the West End.  We drove by the beautifully lit Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.  The Hospice is running a wonderful program where people can submit messages to the visiting children and families and the notes are hung out on the front fence. Very touching.

Our next destination was the spectacular VanDusen Garden Festival of Lights.  WOW!  An hour was allotted for this stop.  We needed the entire time.  As you enter the Garden there is an opportunity to make a $5 donation to the Make  A Wish Foundation.  In exchange for your donation you receive a blue glow-star.  Every kid had one around their neck; our two munchkins claimed they needed ones as well.  So make sure you have $5 per kid handy!

Vandusen lights

The trolley ride continued back to Canada Place (passing locations like St. Paul’s Hospital) and ending around 9:30pm.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Vancouver Trolley Company.  We look forward to participating in one of their summer trolley tours.  It is fun to be a tourist in your own city!  I highly recommend the Karaoke Christmas Holidays Lights Tour.  While this year’s tour is over, we want to thank the Vancouver Trolley Company for running a contest on our site; we hope the Family Fun Vancouver winners had as much fun as we did on the trip.

Be sure to check out the summer trolley tours offered by the Vancouver Trolley Company.  You can either impress out-of-town guests, or learn fascinating tidbits about your home city.  Also, mark your calendars to visit the trolley company for their Halloween tour and next year’s Karaoke Christmas Lights tour!