Chugga chugga roar roar…the Dinosaur Train has rolled into the West Coast Heritage Railway Park in Squamish!  Take time over Spring Break and indulge your kids with a ride on a full-sized train and a mini-train all themed with dinosaurs.

The activities are plentiful for the kids!  From two digging opportunities to a bouncy castle and crafts, there is much to keep the little ones entertained.  Our young sons thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be paleontologists.  A HUGE sandbox, stocked with dinosaur bones, awaits the little ones.  They are supplied with shovels, brushes and more in their efforts to dig up the bones.

The Dinosaur Train experience starts with a 20 minute train ride into the train yard of the West Coast Heritage Railway Park.  The kids are given colouring sheets and crayons; bubbles are blown; and dinosaur jokes and facts are shared.  Buddy, a friend from the Dinosaur Train, greets the kids as they hop off the full-sized train.  Two options await: head immediately into the gorgeous roundhouse for crafts and activities, or hop on the miniature train for a 20 minute tour around the grounds.

The experience is 2 hours in length and concludes with a ride on the full-sized train back to your car.

Our boys are nutty for trains and dinosaurs; this was a great experience for both of them.  Mom and Dad had fun too!  Our only disappointment was not being able to purchase the adorable dinosaur hats all the staff were wearing.  I need to figure out how to get my hands on 2 of those!

The train runs until March 28th; you can purchase your tickets online.