Everything is so wonderfully shiny at the Vancouver International Autoshow.  Bring your shades; you’ll need them as you step through the doors at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  From now until Sunday afternoon, the Convention Centre is packed to the gills with gorgeous, drool-worthy cars.  Best of all…you can sit in them and pretend they are yours.

I’ll admit to being trepidatious at taking our 3 & 5 year olds to a car show; I worried there would be nothing for them to do.  But, since kids six years and under are FREE, I figured the organizers expected kids on the premises.  Sure enough, our kids were as welcome as every adult.

We started our Autoshow experience at the Subaru Rally Car simulated driving.  Despite our kids being too short to reach the pedals, they were still allowed to drive (they steered while Dad pushed the gas).  Without a doubt the simulated driving was the favourite activity for our five year old.

On the display floor, the vast majority of the cars were open for anyone and everyone to climb in.  We made our kids take off their shoes each and every time they climbed in a car.  I know what my car looks like; I didn’t want to be responsible for showing the brand new cars that same sort of TLC.  Our three year old LOVED clamouring in and out of cars.

Should you wish to explore the car show at a leisurely place, your kids are invited to enjoy the Volkswagen Children’s Playcare Centre.

In addition to the wonderful cars, there are special events and contests.  On Saturday, Mustangs will be arriving in droves to the Jack Poole Plaza; on Sunday, it is the Porsche Club’s turn.

The Vancouver International Autoshow runs Friday (noon – 10pm), Saturday (10am – 10pm) & Sunday (10am – 4pm).  Kids 6 & under are free; youth (7-12 years) and seniors are $10; adults are $15.  You can either onsite or online.  Enjoy…and try not to drool on the cars!